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Noa Sofa

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Center your interior space around cozy seating and classic style with a sofa of outstanding design. Design your home in style using this lifestyle DH Collection Noa Sofa. Noa collection designed to deliver the extraordinary craftsmanship as well as the idea of “folding space”. The crispy tailored leather back band over to the side achieves the light and airy aesthetic. With the versatility of a collective seating system, giving the room a spirit of movement and sense of spaciousness. Featuring a classic modern look, this DH Collection Noa Sofa is great for creating an appearance that is relaxing and inviting.This DH Collection Noa Sofa is a perfect fit for any living room. The sleek design and classic build make this a great choice for any home.

Brand: DH Collection
Description: Noa Sofa
Noa Sofa SKU: DH-G76-3
Type: Sofas
Length: 152 inches
Width: 96.1 inches
Height: 28.3 inches