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Plegat Sofa

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Sofas are not just for sitting. Though perfect for providing a perch for cocktail parties and movie nights alike, they also set the tone for your whole ensemble – be it a casual den, formal living room look, or even a master suite. Ready to give your living room a refresh? Start by swapping out your sofa for a fresh foundation for your aesthetic. If you want to craft a glamorous look that is reminiscent of old Hollywood styles, this DH Collection Plegat Sofa is the perfect pick for you. Enjoy cozy family movie nights and host classy cocktail parties alike all at this stylish DH Collection Plegat Sofa. The perfect centerpiece for your seating arrangement, it blends contemporary appeal with simple sophistication. DH Collection Plegat Sofa is soft and comfortable, looking like quiet cloud floating in the sky. It stands straightly on the ground as a ballerina tiptoeing effortlessly. The solid and rounded backs and arms have simple and smooth sweeping lines. Power can be felt in the mild curves and elegance can be seen in the steady appearance.

Brand: DH Collection
Description: Plegat Sofa
Linea Sofa SKU: DH-YYH25-2
Type: Sofas
Length: 110.2 inches
Width: 38.6 inches
Height: 29.3 inches