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Gauge Coffee Table

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The Noir Furniture Gauge Coffee Table which is made from walnut, industrial steel and veneer. Due to its durability, walnut is a fantastic choice for construction. If you treat a table properly, walnut is a very durable material that will withstand daily use even if it is being used frequently. Any table will eventually deteriorate, but unlike softer woods, walnut won't dent or scrape unless an unusual circumstance occurs. Walnut is a medium dense wood, so while it will be heavy, you can move it and add extension boards without any difficulty. One of the reasons why walnut has remained one of the most popular furniture options for furniture designers and consumers is its durability. If you want a table that will look excellent no matter how trends change in 50 years, walnut is a great alternative. Walnut is one of our most popular wood types for a reason. We also used industrial steel for The Noir Furniture Gauge Coffee Table because is a fantastic method to showcase the various benefits of steel. The substance is often used for different purposes, including industrial, petrochemical, and construction. Due to its high strength capacity, high machinability, ductility, and other related features, steel can be used for both utilitarian and ornamental purposes. The Noir Furniture Gauge Coffee Table has a basic design, but can blend in with all of your other furniture that you have, filling your space with elegance and refreshing the look of your surroundings. The Noir Furniture Gauge Coffee Table’s components make it different and unique to distinguish it from others in the furniture industry. Its material can be easily restored to its original look with a few basic household cleaning solutions.

Finish: Washed Walnut w/ Matte Black Base
Brand: Noir
Category: Living Room
Collection: Noir Furniture
Description: Gauge Coffee Table
Type: Coffee Table
Width: 66"
Depth: 32"
Height: 18"