Wythe X-Large Chandelier

Starting at $10,500
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This 12-light AvroKO Wythe X-Large Chandelier brings warm lighting and a modern, sculptural silhouette to your dining room or kitchen island. The AvroKO Wythe X-Large Chandelier for Tech Lighting presents a strong impression with smooth diffusing light in its most honest and simplest form. It is created from the marriage of industrial elements and the raw natural expression of glass. The cylindrical brass structure holds cast glass that is lit to highlight the natural fissures and imperfections from the casting process. This fixture proves its distinction over time, aging with elegance and becoming unified with the place it intends to call home. Dazzle your guests with the 12-light AvroKO Wythe X-Large Chandelier. Whether entertaining or relaxing, the AvroKO Wythe X-Large Chandelier will make any space feel luxurious. Fixtures from the AvroKO collection create a wow factor in any room. Chandeliers can be used in a wide variety of spaces, including but certainly not limited to dining rooms, living rooms, great rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, foyers, offices, closets and even bathrooms!

Brand: Avroko
Description: AvroKO Wythe X-Large Chandelier
Plated Brass SKU: 700WYT12BR-LED927
Plated Dark Bronze SKU: 700WYT12PZ-LED927
Type: Chandeliers
Width:48 in
Length: 48 in
Height: 15 in