Calvino Mini 3-Light Chandelier

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Discover the Calvino Mini 3-Light Chandelier by Visual Comfort and designed by Ian K Fowler. Chandeliers adorn your space like jewelry for your room. They sparkle, they accent, and they are designed to be seen. From round to rectangular, there are so many shapes and sizes. With all these choices come a lot of questions.
The Calvino Mini 3-Light Chandelier has a solid structure. It is in Polished Nickel, Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass and Aged Iron and Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass with Clear Glass. It has a round canopy. It makes a statement in any interior design without occupying valuable floor space. It has a special design with a combination of colors that look amazing.
Find the solution with our products. The Calvino Mini 3-Light Chandelier is perfect for an entryway in need of a little illumination, a staircase seeking brightening, or a kitchen island searching for some shine. The special design can highlight the perfect lighting effect. This versatile luminary is the perfect pick to add a touch of contemporary-inspired style wherever you install it.

Brand:Visual Comfort
Description: Calvino Mini 3-Light Chandelier
Polished Nickel SKU:S 5690PN-CG
Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass SKU:S 5690HAB-CG
Aged Iron And Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass SKU: S 5690AI/HAB-CG
Type: Chandeliers
O/A Height: 68.5"
Min. Custom Height: 31.75"
Width: 13"
Canopy: 4.5" Round
Socket: Dedicated LED
Wattage: 6w (500lm)
Weight: 7 Pounds