5 Small Items that Will Make a Big Difference for your Living Room Design

5 Small Items that Will Make a Big Difference for your Living Room Design

The living room is a place for comfort and relaxation, but what makes it truly special is the touches you add so it’s unique to you. If you’re in need of some ideas for living room decor in Miami FL, there are plenty of incredible options you can integrate to enhance this important space. Whether your living room is modern, traditional, beach chic, or something completely your own, read on for a list of five small items that can make a huge difference in your living room design.



1. Add Statement Accent Tables to Make the Room Pop



An accent table is always a great functional piece for any living room, but a statement table can transform the entire aesthetic of this part of your home. When shopping for a small table for your living room, try to bring in something a bit more unique. Look for tables featuring a sculptural design or a vibrant finish like bright blue or metallic gold. Accent tables made of carved stone can add a bold, contemporary touch to your living space. Using this living room decor in Miami FL can turn a standard gathering area into an on-trend part of the home you’ll love.



2. Enjoy a Great Ottoman for Style and Comfort

Ottomans are a fantastic accent piece for your home, but if you really want to transform the living room, make sure you choose something with a unique shape, color, or material. Upholstered ottomans in a fun printed fabric will bring a colorful element into the space. If you're looking for something unique, don't just settle for a traditional square ottoman with wooden legs and a solid-colored cushion. Instead, spice things up by integrating a great ottoman that has some unique features like leather, tapered metal legs, or a textured surface.



3. Toss Around a Few Unique Designer Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are soft and comfortable, but they can also add visual impact to your living room. Explore this type of living room decor in Miami FL and look for pillows that add a splash of vibrant color or artful design to an otherwise standard sofa. Designer throw pillows can feature artistic designs or textured accents that elevate them above the standard fare. Try pillows made of plush velvet or ones with intricate beading to instantly change the entire look of your living space.



4. Bring in a Beautiful Accent Chair

An accent chair is a great way to add extra seating to your living room, but it can also add an artistic touch. Your new accent chair should be comfortable and inviting, but it should also have unique characteristics like an unusual shape, dramatic arms and legs, or textured materials to enhance your space. Whether you're creating a modern living room design or something completely coastal, an accent chair is a great way to achieve your perfect style.



5. Get Creative with Conversation-Starting Home Decor

If you really want to bring your living room to a new level, add some unique home decor! Your art and decor can be anything from a modern, abstract sculpture or an elegant vase in a unique, on-trend design. Your preference for home decor is really up to you, so be sure to choose pieces that help you make a statement and stir up conversation. Just like your furniture, art doesn’t have to match everything perfectly. Pick out a few pieces that really speak to you for an instant living room update.

From comfortable and beautiful ottomans to art and accent chairs, try one or all of these five ideas for living room decor in Miami FL. Whether your home is coastal-inspired or modern, there’s always something you can bring in that will elevate this space and make it stand apart from the crowd. Add a few designer throw pillows in fun colors and fabrics or try a new accent table to breathe new life into your chic living room. If you're located here in Coral Gables or are looking for a furniture store in Aventura, FL, visit us at Decor House today!