Verellen Furniture

Verellen Furniture Verellen Furniture

Why Verellen Furniture?

Your furniture is a visual extension of your personality. It reveals your taste and shows what you value most in life. All of this is in the shape of daily objects that should be practical, functional, and beautiful, all at once. The problem with finding furniture that reflects you as a person is the complexity behind this idea. As human beings, we don't always like the same thing and tend to change our preferences over the years. This is why opting for high-quality furniture with a timeless design can be a great solution for many reasons. With this in mind, Verellen Furniture was created with a single purpose: to fulfill the need to be innovative while preserving tradition. The result is timeless furniture pieces that are too beautiful to ever go out of fashion.


When you opt for such brands, you're making a long-term decision that is free of later regrets. Not only because of the obvious quality in their pieces but also because this is a visionary brand whose production has an eye to the future. Additionally, Verellen Furniture is a great furniture decision because it's eco-friendly. This is reflected in the use of sustainable materials, both in the conception and delivery process. If none of this is reason enough for you to fall in love with the brand, know there's much more to it that makes it so special. For starters, it's manufactured in North Carolina - known for its long furniture production tradition. Then, each piece is made-to-order, to ensure the final result is exactly as you've envisioned it. Finally, it's built by expert craftsmen with years of expertise in the field.


Excellence from start to finish is a synonym of Verellen Furniture, which justifies the consistent success of this brand. We, at Décor House, take pride in having a curated selection of furniture with this brand's signature, so that you can confirm with your own eyes why it's such a great choice.

What Are People Saying About Verellen Furniture?

There's something unique about working with high-end furniture brands: they allow us to meet furniture lovers like us. When we first started presenting Verellen Furniture in our furniture options, we were thrilled to show support to this brand. Today, we're proud to see our customers trust us more because we only work with brands we believe in. This is why representing Verellen Furniture is a real honor to us: we know we're offering nothing less than the best to you.


This brand with a Belgium conception and American production is recognized for many reasons. In one way, because of its creators, Tom & Sabine, who pay a real homage to their roots. Then, because of the passion behind each piece they create. Also, because of how inspirational it is - it started small and grew significantly over the years - because clients trust it. People say this is a brand they can trust because its creators truly love what they do.


The result is nothing less than true excellence because they do it for the love of furniture. No details are ever forgotten, as they know comfort, design, and durability are closely connected to ensure a reliable end product. We invite you to browse through this brand and see why we believe in it so deeply: we're sure it has everything you need to take your home décor to a whole new level.