AERIN Lighting

Where is Aerin Lighting From?

Aerin Lighting is the result of years of expertise from its founder, Aerin Lauder. The Style and Image Director of Estée Lauder decided to extend her legacy by creating a lifestyle brand. Aerin follows the name of its creator and is a clear extension of her view of life. From home décor to tabletop & bar, lighting, fashion, and beauty. Aerin has included all main aspects to live a life where you're in harmony with yourself and your home.


In the array of options to choose from, Aerin Lighting is, to us, a clear example of the perfectionism in this brand. Minimalist, modern lines with bold designs that combine art, fashion, and decoration. An all-in-one where less is more, as each detail is the result of complex thought and craftsmanship. In fact, by its looks, certain chandeliers could be an enlarged version of jewelry pieces. When looking to furnish your home with refinement, lighting is an essential part. This is a subtle, yet, very effective element that brings balance and conveys luxury. When you opt for high-end lighting in the shape of a pendant or chandelier, you're enhancing the space.


There's no better decorative element than lighting, as it brings light, style, and life to your home. Proof of that is modern decoration, where lighting elements are usually large. It's no longer just a practical piece, it's actually an essential decorative element. As such, the American brand Aerin includes lighting in its idea of a balanced lifestyle. The result is nothing less than pure perfection that brings light to your home in an elegant way.

Advantages to Aerin Lighting?

If you're one to love displaying unique decorative pieces at home, Aerin Lighting is the brand to look for. Each pendant, table lamp, chandelier, and wall light is a perfect reflection of what luxury is. When you opt for Aerin Lighting your home immediately looks more composed. The singularity of each piece is visible in all of its elements. From the materials used to the perfect finishes. When you browse through Aerin Lighting at Décor House, you'll see a curated selection from this brand. We display our top favorite chandeliers, table lamps, pendants, wall and floor lamps. All to ensure whichever style you're looking for, you can find it in with us.


With Décor House, you'll have access to exclusive decorative lighting that looks like no other. Perfect examples of that are the Montreuil Floor Lamp, the Lynn Wall Light, and the Gaios Table Lamp. In any case, these are just some of the many art pieces displayed in the shape of home lighting you'll find with Aerin. We proudly display Aerin in our top brands of home décor because we value quality that is timeless. With this said, when you decide on which elements will bring light to your home, Aerin Lighting should be part of it. Not only because of how good each piece looks but also because you'll be able to use it for years and never get tired of it. Find your perfect lighting today with Aerin and Décor House!