Kelly Wearstler

Where Is Kelly Wearstler Lighting From?

Kelly Wearstler is a renowned brand that has existed since 1995. It started as an interior design studio but later evolved into a global lifestyle brand. The visionary behind the name is driven by a deep passion for the art of interior décor. All that combined with a unique point of view on architecture and design and a creative mindset. The Los Angeles-based company is a leader in contemporary furniture design. That's visible in the subtle combination between raw and refined, which results in sophisticated pieces. Kelly Wearstler creates products to be admired and that serve as inspiration, daily.


Kelly Wearstler offers dozens of lighting products with unique and refined designs. From floor lamps to sconces, this brand offers the right lighting solution for your home.. As such, this brand's collaborations are frequent and so is the portfolio of their home product designs. When furnishing your home, lighting will be one of the most impactful elements. That's why finding true pieces of luxury makes such a difference to the overall look of your space. With Kelly Wearstler lighting you'll have refined pieces of a singular taste. It becomes easier to create a composed ambiance, where every single element is at balance. After all, with the right light and exposure, any piece can gain a new sparkle.

Advantages to Kelly Wearstler Lighting?

Buying any of Kelly Wearstler Lighting products means opting for seamless luxury. Especially because of the detailed conception process behind each piece. Kelly Wearstler's team is composed of expert designers and architects. A valuable combination made of valuable people that work their very best and with the highest levels of detail and creativity. All to ensure you have nothing less than products of the finest quality.


This is a complex brand with a unique vision of the market. They combine modernity with imagination, always with discipline and refinement in mind. They believe the best source of inspiration is life experiences in their purest form. As such, their pieces are a result of real-life examples and inspiring elements. Nature and technology combined as one, in such harmony they can't quite be distinguished. With that said, it's clear to us that Kelly Wearstler's lighting is one of a kind and can empower any space. It's not only about the luxurious aspect of every piece made by this brand. It's mostly about how layered and complex every detail is. It's about how beautiful their finishes are. It's surely about how enhanced your home seems when opting for Kelly Wearstler's lighting.


At Decor House, we believe in elevating your home with the simplest details. It doesn't necessarily need to be a large piece of furniture to stand out in the space. In fact, elegance lies in the smallest of elements and the most subtle of decorative pieces. See our unique collection of Kelly Wearstler's lighting to understand why it's such a visionary brand. We’re sure you’ll find at least one piece that will enlighten your home in a unique way.