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What Is The Best Quality Outdoor Furniture?

The quality of outdoor furniture is measured by three things, its durability, price, and style. Luxury pieces are usually made in a variety of styles to accommodate the diverse personal styles of customers seeking luxury grade furniture, and this is the same for outdoor furniture because most luxury brands believe that luxury should extend to every part of the home.


The price of luxury furniture can stop some people from taking the plunge and investing in their home. But if you buy low-quality pieces of furniture for your space, you will end up paying more in the long run to maintain it, and you will still have to replace it sooner than you would a piece of luxury furniture from a brand like Gloster Furniture. This risk doubles when you buy a piece of furniture you intend to use outside year-round as you need to factor in your location, the weather, and what you plan to use the pieces you buy for (e.g., a chaise for by the pool vs. a sofa for a conversation nook.) Furniture by Gloster Furniture (like other luxury outdoor furniture brands) is made to withstand the elements so that you can enjoy your time outside without worrying about your furniture being damaged.

Who Makes The Best Teak Outdoor Furniture?

When our customers ask us who makes the best quality outdoor furniture, we always answer with Gloster Furniture. This brand is known for creating high design pieces that are the embodiment of true luxury. Each piece in our collection has a sculptural silhouette, yet the functionality of each piece is not compromised by its artisan design- rather, it is elevated by it. Whether you are looking for a teak dining table for an outdoor dining space, a teak coffee table for a social space, or a piece to relax on with a strong teak frame, you will find it in our collection of Gloster Furniture. We carry pieces from a number of Gloster Furniture’s collections. Each collection has been curated by the team at Gloster to reflect a different style to make sure that you can find a piece you love (and other pieces of teak furniture that compliment it) with ease. Check out the Sway Collection for teak chairs, the Dune Collection for teak ottomans, and the Lima Collection for coffee tables.


Gloster Furniture uses teak wood to make its furniture because they understand that this type of wood is one of the most robust and most durable woods out there. It can withstand exposure to rain as well as it can to sunlight, thanks to its high natural oil content and tight wood grain. More than this, since Gloster Furniture has mastered the art of staining, it couldn’t be easier to find a piece in a stain that matches your existing furniture.


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