Living Room

Luxury Living Room Furniture Brands

While looking for living room furniture, you might prioritize the furniture type over the brand. For example, if you're looking for a luxury sofa, you'll most likely search for size and shape rather than by brand. This is why it's so paramount to search for furniture from a trusting place where you know what you're buying. We, at Decor House, have carefully selected what we believe are the top furniture brands in the market. We've done it so you can seamlessly purchase furniture from us without having to wonder if it's a good choice. If it's in our collection, it's because we trust it. Before trusting a brand though, we carefully analyze it at all parameters.


As such, when it comes to luxury living room furniture, we've selected only the top brands in the market. Because the living room is one of the main divisions of your home and most pieces will be subject to wear and tear. This is why it's so essential that you trust whichever furniture you buy and know it will last as long as you want it to. We're proud to present you with luxury brands such as AlivarEJ VictorVanguardMilling RoadCentury FurnitureMcGuire, and Baker. These are just some of the names we partner with to ensure you always have the best luxury living room furniture options at your disposal. We're sure each of them will delight you for different reasons, and that at least one will be your perfect match.

Why Decor House Carries Luxurious Living Room Furniture?

Your living room has multiple purposes: it's an entertainment center, a space to relax, a place for guests, and so much more. In order for your living room to be inviting and enjoyable, it needs to be adequately furnished. Opting for luxurious pieces of undeniable quality will make a whole difference. Especially because this is a space that won't just be used by you, but will also be shared with friends and family. At Decor House, we work with brands that offer a selection of luxury living room furniture for a fair price. We believe luxury shouldn't be an unreachable segment because this is a great investment. As such, everyone should have access to it, regardless of budget. While it is true that luxury comes with a price, we thrive to keep it as fair as possible.


This is why we carry premium brands that offer a unique value for money in any piece you purchase. Whether you'd like to furnish your whole living room or just swap certain pieces with new ones, you'll always find options that suit you. Luxury living room furniture will elevate your home to an exquisite level of style. With the right sofa, side table, and tv stand you can create your own luxury corner seamlessly. If this seems difficult to do so because you don't have any expertise in the area, you can count on us. With our team of experts, we'll let you know exactly what size, shape, and brand is the perfect match for your home. We'd love to see you at our store soon. Browse through our collection of luxury living room furniture to see all the options you didn't know existed.