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Who Manufactures Ralph Lauren Home Furniture?

The manufacturer of a brand's furniture often changes as they attempt to keep their products fresh and to make sure that they are always getting the best quality possible in terms of fabric and construction. Ralph Lauren Home review their manufacturer yearly to ensure that their customers are receiving furniture of the highest quality. Theodore Alexander is the current manufacturer of Ralph Lauren Home. They currently produce more than 160 case goods and 200 upholstery pieces for Ralph Lauren Home. They are also in charge of the sales, distribution, and manufacturing of the collections. The Ralph Lauren Home team oversees the design and marketing of all of their products, and the design is managed by a talented design team headed by Ralph Lauren himself.


The two partnered this year to showcase more than 40 new pieces this spring from their latest collections. Before they started to collaborate with this manufacturer, Ralph Lauren Home collaborated with EJ Victor. This partnership began in 2009 and only ended so the brand could expand and reach new heights. If you have a piece of Ralph Lauren Home Furniture that was made between 1993 and 2009, it was likely manufactured by Henredon in association with Ralph Lauren Home.


But don’t worry, the brand's new licensing agreement with Theodore Alexander promises to uphold the same level of quality as their heirloom-grade products.

Is Ralph Lauren A High-End Brand?

Ralph Lauren Home is one of the most recognized luxury brands in the entire world, and its line of furniture represents classic American style. In fact, Ralph Lauren Home has become so synonymous with luxury living that you may often hear the phrase, “it's very Ralph Lauren,” when looking at a gorgeous scene.


When we are asked to describe how we identify what brands are high-end, we always give the same answer. It's all about the look. Ralph Lauren Home has an instantly recognizable aesthetic. It is easy to distinguish in a showroom as it can command any room’s scheme, even in a well-rounded but average space.


Each individual collection is curated with tremendous care after being inspired by a specific and unique lifestyle or visual narrative. If you are looking for a piece that is visually complex soaked in rich earthy tones, browse the Point Dume and Desert Modern Collections. If you want your space to embody casual living and a cozy country lifestyle, browse the Alpine Lodge and Brookfield Collection. If a metropolitan style is more your style, check out the Penthouse Suite and Deco-inspired One Fifth Collections. This collection has been curated to be subtly luxurious and livable. Truly, Ralph Lauren Home helps you lay the foundations of a welcoming home so you can enjoy every second you spend with your family. We carry Ralph Lauren Home products for every room in the home, including accessories that can be used in any room in the home to great visual and stylistic effect.