5 Things to Consider When Furnishing Your Bedroom in Miami

5 Things to Consider When Furnishing Your Bedroom in Miami

Miami boasts a sunny climate and a vibrant culture like no other. When it comes to furnishing your bedroom in Miami, there are plenty of things to consider before you update this important space. From new beds to dressers, décor, and nightstands, you want to be sure you select pieces that reflect the Miami lifestyle. Read on for a list of five things to consider when furnishing your Miami bedroom.


1. Shape and Size


The Miami aesthetic of today is clean and modern, so it’s important to focus on shape and size when furnishing your bedroom in Miami. Look for beds and dressers that feature a simple, contemporary style. Clean lines and sleek silhouettes for the bedroom furniture will give this room a restful vibe. Keep your focus on understated pieces so that the accessories and decor in your bedroom are the stars of the show.


2. Colors


Of course, vibrant color is the hallmark of Miami-inspired style. However, when it comes to furnishing your bedroom in Miami, you’ll want to choose furniture that boasts a muted, understated hue. The soft colors of your new furniture allow things like bright bedding and colorful artwork to shine. Try a new bed featuring a light tone like a cream-color upholstered headboard. An open canopy bed with a tall frame is another excellent choice to keep the color of your furniture soft yet sophisticated.


3. Accent Furniture

Whether you live in an oceanfront condo or a charming beach house, make sure your Miami bedroom is comfortable and accommodating. You can enhance the bedroom by bringing in a few charming accent pieces. A vanity chair or stool topped with a velvet cushion atop sleek metal legs is the perfect piece to add a modern touch to this space. Try a comfortable bedroom bench boasting a soft upholstered seat with sturdy, sculptural legs for extra seating in the bedroom.


4. Functionality


The Miami lifestyle is bustling, so it’s important that you have furniture to keep your clothing and accessories in place. Choose tall chests with plenty of drawers so you have ample space to stash swimsuits and t-shirts. A tall armoire gives you a place to hang your best suits or dresses. Focus on storage when furnishing your bedroom in Miami so you can easily access your favorite duds when it’s time for a day at the beach or a night out on the town.


5. Style


Every room of your home should always reflect your personal style. Look for modern bedroom furniture that complements your current décor in the best way possible. Don’t forget to include a large mirror so you get additional brightness and reflection in this space. Think about how your new furniture will blend with what you already have so you get a seamless and cohesive final look. Be sure to explore our showroom to find the perfect furniture for your Miami bedroom today.

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