Miami Interior Design Style Guide

Miami Interior Design Style Guide

The city of Miami is a bustling, vibrant part of Florida with an abundance of culture and beautiful architecture. This unique aesthetic is reflected in many homes throughout the area that feature the bold Miami interior design style. With a sleek and upscale vibe, there’s no shortage of dramatic interiors here in Miami. Read on to learn more about this unique design style and how you can incorporate it into your own home.

The Basics of Miami Interior Design Style


In many Miami homes, you’ll find a combination of sophisticated, modern elements with a hint of natural beauty. The scenery in Miami is a jewel to behold, so homeowners love to use white walls and neutral color palettes accented with bolder furnishings and artwork. This light, neutral palette allows the décor and furniture to become the star of the show, highlighting cultural elements alongside ultra-modern styles.

The sleek and smooth interior elements, such as luxe marble flooring and bright white walls, are the perfect backdrop to enhance the contemporary furnishings in the Miami FL home.

Bringing the Outside In


The weather in Miami and the surrounding areas is gorgeous, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners want to include the outdoors as part of their overall Miami interior design style. A common element of Miami homes, condos and apartments is large windows that let in an abundance of natural light from the South Florida sunshine.

Additionally, you may find that some Miami interior designers choose to bring in colors inspired by various scenes of the city. While the Miami interior design style is known for being primarily sleek and white, you'll still find several pops of color in furnishings and artwork, such as turquoise blues inspired by nearby beaches.

Eclectic Vibes


Miami has a unique history that’s inspired by the ocean, salt, sun, and sand. With an infusion of Cuban culture, the Miami interior design style is unlike any other major metropolis in the United States. The décor is endlessly playful, incorporating brilliant jewel tones and fabulous prints on upholstered pieces like Miami FL sofas and sectionals.

A mixture of modern elements like sleek metal blend with soft fabric to create textural depth and visual appeal. Simple, striking silhouettes on tables and sofas bring in the modern vibe, while nature-inspired décor highlights what makes Miami so special.

Miami Blends Modern and Welcoming Designs Together


 With a warm and inviting culture, the city of Miami is known for its friendliness and hospitality. This concept is brought into Miami homes, but with a dramatically modern twist.

Luxe velvet can be found in many modern abodes as it mixes with solid marble floors or countertops to give the space a dramatic, contemporary edge. The blending of warmth and modern styles come together seamlessly to create a striking space that also echoes the warmth of the people who live here.


Brilliance is Everywhere


To truly appreciate Miami's interior design style, elements like bright, sleek home décor and accent pieces are key. From large mirrors with gold metallic frames to chrome legs on furniture, this bright touch helps to highlight the luxe nature of Miami and its homes. This luxuriously-designed furniture and décor are what contribute to Miami's unique interior design style, which blends modern minimalism with sleek, upscale styles.

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