DH Collection

Area Sideboard

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Whether you want a simple design cabinet to redecorate your kitchen, a new desk, your husband's office still needs to look beautiful, or even if you're just browsing furniture for fun. Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for your room? Look no further than hooker's line of accents.This DH Collection Area Sideboard is a versatile option for rounding out your space in style, whether it's supporting your TV in the living room or serving as a handy console or sideboard stand-in. Discover this ultra modern DH Collection Area Sideboard available in Oak and Walnut finishes and with 4x Doors & 3x Drawers. Its elegance lies in its simple and modern design, crafted from solid wood to ensure the utmost quality. Use as a TV stand, sideboard, buffet server, or low dresser.


Brand: DH Collection
Category: Living Room
Description: Area Sideboard
87 Inch SKU: 1.282
95 Inch SKU: 1.269
Type: Sideboard, Cabinets


87 Inch
Width: 86 inches
Height: 35 inches
Depth: 19 inches

95 Inch
Width: 94 inches
Height: 29 inches
Depth: 19 inches