Bok Bench

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Bring a touch of elegance to any space with this versatile bench. Effortlessly enhance your home with stylish Ethnicraft Bok Bench that will bring undeniable character and reassuring stability to any dining area. Showcasing a crisp and clean silhouette, the Ethnicraft Bok Bench elevates the potential of any room layout. Discover this cleaned lined Ethnicraft Bok Bench available in Oak and Oak Black finishes. Reminiscent of a goat's curved horns, the Bok collection combines sculptural elegance and contemporary crafting into a graceful and airy form. The Bok bench will pair perfectly with the Bok dining table. But also, as a stand-alone against a wall, in a hallway, or at the end of a bed. Complemented with an earthy, elegant look, our Ethnicraft Bok Bench allows you to effortlessly enjoy a hearty meal with your family. This distinctive Ethnicraft Bok Bench completes the look in any contemporary or glam space.

Oak Black
Brand: Ethnicraft
Description: Bok Bench
Oak Black SKU: 51537
Type: Benches
Width: 65.5 in
Depth: 14 in
Height: 18.5 in