Boomerang Coffee Table

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Looking for a modern twist to update your entertaining space? An updated take on a mid-century modern design, this Ethnicraft Boomerang Coffee Table is sure to make a splash in your living room layout. Discover this modern Ethnicraft Boomerang Coffee Table available in mahogany dark brown. Playful, pebble shapes set on a beautiful, folded, base. The Ethnicraft Boomerang Coffee Table is a fantastic and well-proportioned addition to any space. Configured with the two sizes together, or as a stand-alone, this design is sure to capture attention. Beyond decorative, this Ethnicraft Boomerang Coffee Table provides you with the ideal platform to place snacks, magazines, and more as you relax and unwind. With a perfectly balanced structure, your interior decor will never be the same with this delightful Ethnicraft Boomerang Coffee Table.

Brand: Ethnicraft
Description: Boomerang Coffee Table
Mahogany dark brown SKU: 3007
Mahogany dark brown SKU: 3008
Type: Coffee Table
Width: 49.5 in
Depth: 30 in
Height: 16 in

Width: 33.5 in
Depth: 30.5 in
Height: 11.5 in