Osso Bar Stool

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Are there areas around your home that could use stylish seating? From kitchen counters and islands to dining rooms and home bars, the Ethnicraft Osso Bar Stool allow you to easily furnish and spruce up any area while making efficient use of your space. This Ethnicraft Osso Bar Stool offers sensible seating arrangements to countertops, provides a stylish focal point to your bar ensembles, and is easy to carry from room to room when guests need somewhere to sit. Ethnicraft Osso Bar Stool is one of our most popular designs because of its versatility. This Ethnicraft Osso Bar Stool height adds yet another option to its wide array of possibilities - a sleek standing desk stool for example. Pull up a stool and add some serious style to your kitchen, dining room, game room, or bar area with this Ethnicraft Osso Bar Stool. Give your home the upgrade it deserves with these finely-crafted pieces, allowing you and your loved ones to pull up a stool and share a meal or drink together.

Brand: Ethnicraft
Description: Osso Bar Stool
Oak Black SKU: 53041
Oak SKU: 53034
Type: Stool
Width: 22.5 in
Depth: 13 in
Height: 31.5 in