Ambient Mesh Large Pendant Lamp

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Gloster Mesh Large Pendant Lamp has a shade made of woven all-weather wicker. LED light device that can be recharged using both solar and mains electricity. A radio frequency remote control with eight light output settings is included. Remote control has a working distance of up to 20 meters. Adaptor Input 100V - 240V DC / Adaptor Output 100V - 240V DC Battery life of roughly 8 hours on highest light setting (4.2V output). It comes with a 2.5m / 98.5" hanging wire. The primary benefit of utilizing a solar battery charger is that it may be used to store energy that can be used later when the sun is not accessible due to rain or clouds. You can charge your Gloster Mesh Large Pendant Lamp’s battery without exposing it to the sun. But it is not the only way of charging it; you can use mains electricity too. Moreover, all weather wicker outdoor furniture looks just like genuine wicker, but it's considerably easier to build and maintain. Wicker simply implies braided fiber. When you opt to weave resin, Gloster Mesh Large Pendant Lamp remains incredibly light and durable. One of the most appealing aspects of all-weather wicker patio furniture is the low upkeep necessary to keep your outdoor décor looking new. If your wicker furniture becomes too dusty, you may clean it with a garden hose and sometimes wipe it off with a moist, soapy cloth. Nothing oxidizes or becomes twisted out of shape.


Brand: Gloster Furniture

Category: Outdoor/Patio

Collection: Ambient

Color: Carob

Description: Mesh Large Pendant Lamp - Carob

SKU: 103569

Type: Lighting, Pendants


Height: 13" (33 cm)
Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)
Diameter: 20" (50.8 cm)
Specifications: Gloster Mesh Large Pendant Lamp Is Shade Made Of Woven All-Weather Wicker. LED Light Device That Can Be Charged Using Both Solar And Mains Electricity. A Radio Frequency Remote Control With Eight Light Output Settings Is Included. Remote Control Has A Working Distance Of Up To 20 Meters. Adaptor Input 100V -240V DC / Adaptor Output 100V - 240V DC Battery Life Of Roughly 8 Hours On Highest Light Setting (4.2V Output). It Comes With A 2.5m / 98.5" Hanging Wire.