Archi Lounge Chair

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We offer you Gloster Archi Lounge Chair. At home in any contemporary space, this trans-Atlantic concept leaps creative boundaries, combining notes of modern architecture and a minimalist aesthetic. Cleverly combining two elemental materials - outdoor rope and plantation teak, designer Henrik Pedersen says, “THE GOAL WAS TO CREATE THE PUREST FORM OF SEATING WITH THE MOST TRADITIONAL OF MATERIALS BUT ATTAIN COMFORT AND STATEMENT SURPASSING MORE OPULENT ROUTES”. We prioritize our customers' health when developing and manufacturing our furniture. Because of its renewable and long-lasting nature, we constantly keep in mind that hardwood furniture is both healthy and eco-friendly. We are preventing the greenhouse effect by using solid wood furniture, which is why we picked wood as our major feature in Gloster Archi Lounge Chair. When talking for chairs, durability is a crucial aspect to consider, and wooden furniture, specifically wood chairs, has been shown to last far longer than those made of other materials. Gloster Archi Lounge Chair comes in a single design that fill your environment with elegance and revitalizes the appearance of your surroundings. The material used on Gloster Archi Lounge Chair, can be easily given its shine back with just some basic home hand tools for cleaning.


Brand: Gloster Furniture
Category: Outdoor/Patio
Collection: Ambient
Description: Archi Lounge Chair
SKU: 108044
Type: Outdoor Chairs.


Width: 35 inches

Depth: 33 inches

Height: 32.5 inches