Kelly Wearstler

Esker Sconce

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Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of good design in the home - and now everyone can.Esker Envelope Sconce by Kelly Wearstler collection is an understated yet powerful series of sconces designed to suit all spaces, both indoor and outdoor.
Esker Envelope Sconce by Kelly Wearstle designed with thoughtful simplicity, each fixture embodies form and function in perfect harmony.For a perfect finishing touch, install one of these sconces on each side of the mirror to illuminate the scene in an ambient glow.Esker Envelope Sconce by Kelly Wearstler modern style brings a different atmosphere to the family and gives warm honme to each other!


Finish: Antique-Burnished Brass


Finish: Bronze


Finish: Polished Nickel


Brand: Kelly Wearstler

Category: Lamps and Lighting

Description: Esker Envelope Sconce

SKU: KW 2706AB

Type: Lighting, Sconces


Width: 9" (22.9 cm)
Height: 7" (17.8 cm)