Noir Furniture

Suzu Coffee Table

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The Noir Furniture Suzu Coffee Table which is made from mahogany and veneer. Mahogany veneers are a great option since mahogany wood is a durable, rich, and warm reddish-brown color. Mahogany is known as a strong, resilient material that produces high-quality, long-lasting finished goods when used for woodworking projects like cabinet construction. Additionally, the wood is easily scrollable; scrolling calls for extremely small cuts that are frequently utilized for ornamental purposes, and mahogany wood is particularly workable in this regard. The wood can be polished to a high luster after being sanded and stained, making it a popular option for veneers, furniture, and other decorative uses. The Noir Furniture Suzu Coffee Table has a basic design, but can blend in with all of your other furniture that you have, filling your space with elegance and refreshing the look of your surroundings. The Noir Furniture Suzu Coffee Table’s components make it different and unique to distinguish it from others in the furniture industry. Its material can be easily restored to its original look with a few basic household cleaning solutions.

Finish: Hand Rubbed Black
Brand: Noir
Category: Living Room
Collection: Noir Furniture
Description: Suzu Coffee Table
Type: Coffee Table
Width: 70"
Depth: 38"
Height: 18"