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Toshi Mirror

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The Noir Furniture Toshi Mirror is constructed by Mahogany. Mahogany is a solid, resilient material that can be made in a variety of shapes. The beautiful and generous appearance makes the mirror fashionable and beautiful. This hard wood is suitable to make large pieces of furniture, easy to polish, not easy to deform. The Noir Furniture Toshi Mirror’s mahogany is a kind of hardwood, so it is very resistant to decay. And as it is compact and dense, which makes mahogany's strong anti-corrosive. Mahogany, meanwhile, has its own unique aroma, this fragrance can be away termites, which is the best choice for the ant plains people. The Noir Furniture Toshi Mirror has a single design but has the ability to blend in with all of your furniture and other accessories, filling your space with elegance and revitalizing the appearance of your surroundings. The material used on The Noir Furniture Toshi Mirror, can be easily given its shine back with just some basic home hand tools for cleaning.

Finish: Hand Rubbed Black
Brand: Noir
Category: Bedroom
Collection: Noir Furniture
Description: Toshi Mirror
Type: Mirrors
Width: 26.5"
Length: 3"
Height: 37"