Noir Furniture

Twist Counter Stool

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The Noir Furniture Twist Counter Stool made in Sungkai. The material is strong and this is confirmable. The product is warranted to be free of defects in materials. This stool will be a perfect furniture for your bar. You can read all the information about dimensions in this page. We prioritize our customers' health when developing and manufacturing our furniture. We always keep in mind that wooden furniture is both healthy and eco-friendly because of its renewable and long-lasting nature and that’s why we’ve been choosing Sungkai for this amazing stool . By employing solid wood furniture, we are preventing the greenhouse effect. The Noir Furniture Zola Twist Stool has a single design but has the ability to blend in with all of your furniture and other accessories, filling your space with elegance and revitalizing the appearance of your surroundings. The material used on The Noir Furniture Twist Counter Stool, can be easily given its shine back with just some basic home hand tools for cleaning.

Finish: Charcoal Black
Brand: Noir
Category: Bar
Collection: Noir Furniture
Description: Twist Counter Stool
Type: Stools
Width: 16"
Length: 16"
Height: 27"