Glo Medium Suspension Lamp

Base Plate
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Adored by art lovers, the design is minimalist but oh-so-impressive. Bring a boost of brightness and a touch of contemporary style to any arrangement with this Penta Glo Medium Suspension Lamp. Penta Glo Medium Suspension Lamp is an icon of our collection, a glass sphere enhancing the glare of light, in a game of reflections back and forth between the lamp and the space or among the very lamps. The rich palette of colours and the different dimensions of the suspension lamps are a toast to creativity. The Penta Glo Medium Suspension Lamp is characterized by a borosilicate glass with sanded internal diffuser. Precious spheres, decoration items when they are off, sparkling light points when they are on. You will be charmed by the lightness by which it integrates with the surrounding space. Each lamp is equipped with a high quality black RAL 9005 PVC 2 mt cable and a standard canopy with matt white painted finishing ON/OFF, on demand it is possible to have it in black or titanium color also with dimmable DALI version. This Penta Glo Medium Suspension Lamp isn't just visually stunning, it is also equipped with a very high lighting capacity and boasts a remarkable product lifetime. What's more, its integrated led lights make it the perfect luminaire for energy savings. Treat yourself to a pendant fixture that shines on all fronts and gives your decor a highly modern touch. Discover more at Decor House Furniture website!



Indoor & Dry Location


120V 60Hz

Bulb 1x 25W - E12

380lm (4ever / rose gold)
422lm (silver / gold)
337lm (black)
625lm (transparent)

Cable RAL


Brand: Penta
Description: Glo Large Suspension Lamp
Matt White Varnished/Transparent SKU: 0811-21MWT
Matt White Varnished/Mirroring Silver SKU: 0811-21MWMS
Matt White Varnished/Mirroring Gold SKU: 0811-21MWMG
Matt White Varnished/Mirroring Rose Gold SKU: 0811-21MWMRG
Matt White Varnished/Mirroring 4ever Gold SKU: 0811-21MMTBL
Matt White Varnished/Mirroring Green SKU: 0811-21MWMGR
Matt White Varnished/Mirroring Black SKU: 0811-21LMTBL
Matt White Varnished/Mirroring Bronze SKU: 0811-21LMTBR
Matt Black Varnished/Transparent SKU: 0811-21MBT
Matt Black Varnished/Mirroring Silver SKU: 0811-21MBMS
Matt Black Varnished/Mirroring Gold SKU: 0811-21MBMG
Matt Black Varnished/Mirroring Rose Gold SKU: 0811-21MBMRG
Matt Black Varnished/Mirroring 4ever Gold SKU: 0811-21MMLTBL
Matt Black Varnished/Mirroring Green SKU: 0811-21MBMGR
Matt Black Varnished/Mirroring Black SKU: 0811-21MMBL
Matt Black Varnished/Mirroring Bronze SKU: 0811-21MMBR
Matt Titanium Varnished/Transparent SKU: 0811-21MTT
Matt Titanium Varnished/Mirroring Silver SKU: 0811-21MTMS
Matt Titanium Varnished/Mirroring Gold SKU: 0811-21MTMG
Matt Titanium Varnished/Mirroring Rose Gold SKU: 0811-21MTMRG
Matt Titanium Varnished/Mirroring 4ever SKU: 0811-21MTMFR
Matt Titanium Varnished/Mirroring Green SKU: 0811-21MTMGR
Matt Titanium Varnished/Mirroring Black SKU: 0811-21MTBL
Matt Titanium Varnished/Mirroring Black SKU: 0811-21MTBR
Type: Pendants


"Glass: Ø9.8 inches x H15 inches
Base Plate: Ø4,4 inches x H1,4 inches
Canopy Hight Max: 84,6 inches"

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