Langston Large Wall Sconce

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Full of modern elegance, this one-light AvroKO Langston Large Wall Sconce is sleek and stylish. Add a dash of character and radiance to your home with this AvroKO Langston Large Wall Sconce. Illuminate your hallway, bedside, or bathroom in streamlined style with the AvroKO Langston Large Wall Sconce. The AvroKO Langston Large Wall Sconce for Tech Lighting was carefully designed as a combination of elegant crystal forms from the past juxtaposed with an organic assembly formed in nature. The minimalist structural details put the focus onto the glass elements, which have a uniquely pointed shaped and beautiful layered internal illumination. The solid brass base is both simple and bold and rounds out an overall elegant confidence to the whole fixture. Offering both illumination and eye-catching appeal, this AvroKO Langston Large Wall Sconce is sure to shine no matter where you set it. This fixture adds upscale charm and contemporary aesthetics to your home.

Brand: Avroko
Description: Langston Large Wall Sconce
Plated Brass SKU: 700WSLGSN
Plated Dark Bronze SKU: 700WSLGSN18PZ-LED927
Polished Nickel SKU: 700WSLGSN18N-LED927
Type: Sconces
Width: 4 in
Length: 5 in
Height: 18 in