Lucid Single Bracketed Sconce

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The collection wall sconce is a simple, but an excellent piece to have. A well-lit home is all about balance: the balance between task, accent, and ambient lighting. That’s where the 1-light Ray Booth Lucid Single Bracketed Sconce really shines. This 1-light armed Ray Booth Lucid Single Bracketed Sconce has a simple design that's easy to mix in with your existing style and fixtures. Discover this chic Ray Booth Lucid Single Bracketed Sconce available in Antique Brass,Bronze and Polished Nickel all with Frosted Glass. Featuring frosted glass shades, this Ray Booth Lucid Single Bracketed Sconce brightens up your abode and provides proper task lighting. Perfect as foyer lighting, living room lighting, or paired over a dining room table and the largest fixture will be the crowning touch to any great room. You will have no problem blending it into any space.

Brand: Ray Booth
Description: Lucid Single Bracketed Sconce
Antique Brass with Frosted Glass SKU: RB2030AB-FG
Bronze with Frosted Glass SKU: RB2030BZ-FG
Polish Nickel with Frosted Glass SKU: RB2030PN-FG
Type: Sconce
Width:8 in
Extension: 4 in
Height: 18 in