5 Tips for Choosing Luxury Bedroom Furniture

5 Tips for Choosing Luxury Bedroom Furniture

The furniture in your home can make a huge impact on your everyday experience. It can provide you with the atmosphere and comfort you need to rest and recharge while being an expression of your aesthetic, values, and personality. The most personal spaces in your home are typically the bedrooms, and they offer the ideal opportunity to personalize and maximize your space with the furniture and fixtures you choose. Luxury bedroom furniture can go a long way toward achieving the right ambiance.

5 Tips for Choosing Luxury Bedroom Furniture 

When you're choosing high-end furniture for the bedrooms and more personal areas of your home, there's more to consider than simply individual expression. An investment in this kind of quality calls for intentionality and purpose to optimize the end product and achieve the space you're looking for. Here are five simple tips for choosing luxury bedroom furniture.

1. Lean Into Timeless Colors 

One consistent quality of luxury furniture in general is its use of timeless colors. Neutral color schemes and subtler splashes of color mean your design communicates elegance and class while having staying power. This is true whether you're considering a larger piece like a bed or dresser or a smaller accent such as a bench.

While most luxury bedroom furniture is already designed to be able to give you a head start on keeping your colors classy, it is possible to clutter your room with colors that clash or become one note. Take care to consider different furniture pieces in relation to each other, and when in doubt lean toward the minimal side to avoid an unnecessary visual mess. Some of the most timeless colors to consider for a luxury space are whites, beiges, golds, blacks, and other neutrals.

2. Make a Statement With Lighting 

Especially in a more personal setting like a bedroom, the lighting can make a big difference to the overall ambiance of the space as well as serve to highlight different furniture pieces. Luxury bedroom furniture can benefit greatly from well-placed lighting fixtures. For example, end tables can be paired well with lamps that add both functional lighting and elegance to the room.

It's also worth considering how luxury lighting pieces can in themselves serve as design statements. For example, instead of opting for an art piece on the wall directly above the bed, you could put up a modern LED ring light to bring both shape and additional lighting to the room. Gentle cove lighting around the ceiling, or a portion of the ceiling, can add atmosphere.

Choosing Luxury Bedroom Furniture

3. Consider the Function of Each Piece 

Exercising intentionality in furniture choices must include careful consideration of function. All the furnishings in your home should serve a purpose. Even a piece that is present solely to make a color splash or add texture visually is serving a function; in that case, it's simply a design function. Planning ahead of time what any given piece will be used for will help you fit it into the bigger picture, and also help you avoid overlooking key elements like extra seating or storage.

For example, you might have some negative space that you want to fill in with a bench or ottoman, and your decision on which may depend upon what you need functionally at that point for the bedroom. If you already have ample seating available, it could be a good idea to find a luxury ottoman with built-in storage for keeping extra blankets or pillows. Thinking through the function of each piece will go a long way toward adding efficiency to your space alongside beauty.

4. Go for Contrast 

Seeking to create contrast with luxury bedroom furniture is another way to steer your decisions toward the best pieces. Of course, high-end brands go to great lengths to provide the highest quality and most durable furniture available on the market, ensuring that each furniture piece itself stands up to scrutiny. However, it's up to customers and designers to combine those pieces in a way that creates a single coherent presentation.

To achieve this, consider darker and lighter shades of the colors you're going for to begin with. Perhaps the headboard of the bed can be strikingly bold in color, or light and bright, while the surrounding nightstands blend with the rest of the room more closely. Maybe curtains can be used to cover one wall with a pop of color similar to a contrast wall. To really tell a story with a room, contrast is key. Furthermore, suitably contrasting elements will serve to hold your attention and give you something to look forward to seeing in your space on a daily basis.

5. Hire Professional Help 

One of the best things you can do to aid your search for the best furniture for your bedroom is to hire a professional designer to assess your space and provide you with options. Designers have a good sense of how effective different color schemes and textures will be in the long term as well as what trends are most current and may be able to breathe new life into your space.

The keys to making the most of this kind of hire are research and communication. Be sure to research ideas for your space and have a strong sense of what you're looking for, as this will equip you to communicate clearly with your designer about what you really want. Hiring a pro not only helps ensure a quality outcome but also takes stress off of you and gives you clarity of mind to consider the options that are presented to you.

Find the Best Luxury Bedroom Furniture 

In the high-end furniture market, a wide variety of choices are available to suit many different design goals and aesthetics. When you're shopping for quality luxury bedroom furniture, check out Decor House Furniture online to browse our superior inventory of top-notch pieces for any style. We have timeless and quality offerings available, whether you're looking for furniture only or also shopping for lighting and decor.