The Best Ways To Use Decorative Chairs in Your Living Room

The Best Ways To Use Decorative Chairs in Your Living Room

Ample, comfortable seating is the cornerstone of any successful living room design. Whether you're designing your own living room or a client's, don't neglect decorative chairs. These pieces enhance the beauty and practicality of any important family space. Here are a few ways to incorporate comfortable and elegant chairs into a living room. 

Complement a Sofa With Decorative Chairs

A sofa is a key design purchase that provides a gathering point for a family and sets the tone for the rest of the living room design. Use matching living room chairs to enhance the visual impact of the sofa and provide more seating. 

Choose chairs from the same designer and collection as the sofa whenever possible. These chairs can match the sofa exactly for maximum cohesion, but you can also choose a complementary piece with its own flair. A plush salon chair from the same collection can feature contrasting accents or an intriguing back shape while harmonizing perfectly with a living room sofa. 

Be Thoughtful About a Statement Chair

The idea of a "statement chair" can go sideways quickly. These decorative chairs often stand out for the wrong reasons, throwing off the balance of a space. 

However, a statement chair can work if it ties into other accent elements and the overall design philosophy of the living room. For example, a striking Regency Tub Chair from Baker Furniture — inspired by a historic chair from Stratfield Saye House, the seat of the Duke of Wellington — matches beautifully with gold and carved wood elements as part of an ornately styled living room. In a more conventional living room, this statement chair may harm the overall design. 

Decorative Chairs in Your Living Room

Select Chairs in Pairs

Rhythm is an essential component of strong interior design. Selecting two chairs in the same style introduces a subtle repetition that makes a space feel complete and elegant. Think of your matching chairs as the bass line of a piece of music, anchoring the living room.


Modern minimalist living room chairs can be as comfortable as any other decorative chairs. For a modern look, choose a set of light, solid-color chairs with clean lines and minimal accents. Thin wooden legs provide the signature contemporary airiness without sacrificing plush seat cushions. 


A traditionally styled family living room isn't complete without a pair of accent chairs. The Verellen Duke Club Chair is adaptable enough to fit any classic design. Its neutral color adds visual anchoring and won't detract from the focal point of the living room. 


If you or your client desires a living room with extra character, opt for a pair of bold accent chairs to immediately evoke a specific place and time. The gold scrollwork of the Loop-De-Loo Chair by Caracole completes an Art Deco living room. Distinctive textures such as silk velvet provide a luxurious antique look. 

Where To Find the Best Decorative Chairs

Running from store to store for decorative chairs can needlessly draw out an interior design project. At Decor House Furniture, we offer all the high-end pieces to meet your needs along with expert design advice. Browse our selection of luxury living room chairs to find the perfect combination of seating and style.