6 Designers of Baker Furniture

6 Designers of Baker Furniture

Furniture matters. The furniture you select for your client’s home must strike a visual balance between aesthetic versatility and elegant style. But, we know how difficult furnishing a home can be. It’s likely that your client has a busy schedule, which means they want to get the most out of every second they spend at home. Because of this, you need to ensure that the space you create can act as a tranquil, safe haven of comfort and relaxation, where your client can sit back, unwind and relax at the end of the day. To do this, you need to make every room you are designing beautiful and welcoming.


However, merely designing a beautiful home is not enough. You need to put the necessary measures in place to ensure that this beauty can last for a long time with the right care. Every home requires regular maintenance. But if you fill your client’s home with high-quality furniture, then the amount of work they need to do to maintain it decreases dramatically. Moreover, when you choose high-quality designer pieces for your client’s home, it is unlikely that the pieces you buy will be damaged since the better the quality of an item, the less fragile it is. Therefore, you must invest in beautiful furniture that is as well designed as it is structurally sound.


Here at Decor House, our mission is simple. We want to help every one of our customers find furniture that can help them make their client’s dream interior a reality. Over the last 38 years, we have used our experienced team members’ knowledge and talent to serve our clientele, providing a vast array of design services for every one of our customers. The furniture we carry and our designs have been featured in Architectural Digest as well as many other well-known publications. We know that your clients don’t buy new furniture for their home every day, which is why we only carry pieces made by brands we trust to produce high-quality, stylish, durable furniture for the modern home. Today we are using our industry knowledge to highlight Baker and the talented designers that the brand has collaborated with, exploring the designer’s history, style, and product lines, so you can find furniture that meets the specific needs of your project.


About Baker


Founded in 1890, the brand now known as Baker was originally a humble cabinet shop. Today the brand makes furniture for every room in the home, setting the standard for quality home furnishings in the USA. The talented artisans who craft every piece of Baker Furniture choose the best methods and materials for each individual piece to ensure that every product their customers receive reflects the Baker standard of excellence.


The Designers of Baker


The story of Baker is ever-evolving, but the brand has never forgotten its roots. It has a longstanding tradition of partnering with luminaries of the design world to produce one-of-a-kind works of art for the home. These highly respected individuals bring a unique approach to design that, when combined with the quality of the brand’s craftsmanship, result in visually striking collections that are cohesive yet diverse in their style. Keep reading to learn more about these notable designers of Baker and the furniture they have produced.


Barbara Barry



Quality is at the core of every piece of furniture Barbara Berry has designed. Barry is one of the world’s most talented designers of Baker; she has proven her worth time and time again with each collection she releases more refined than the last. Her goal when designing furniture is to create pieces that will become a part of a family’s history. Barbara Barry was raised in a family of talented individuals, each member an artist, and her upbringing has greatly influenced her designs. She accomplishes this enduring style with her use of an understated palette and commitment to structural simplicity. Truly Barbara Barry’s Furniture captures the natural elegance of timeless living and is able to evoke tranquility and serenity as a remedy to the chaos of our modern lives.


Barbara founded her Los Angeles design firm in 1985. Over the years, her practice has grown to international renown. The quietly beautiful, livable interiors she has developed, and the product catalog she has amassed is celebrated through critically acclaimed partnerships, including her most notable relationship with Baker. Barbara Barry has partnered with Baker many times. But it was in her latest collaboration with the brand that she was finally able to push her creativity to its limits thanks to Baker’s talented craftsmen who bring her designs to life.


You can buy Barbara Barry furniture in our inventory for the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and living room, as well as accessories and light fixtures that can elevate the look of any room in your client’s home. Barry’s Baker collection is thoughtfully designed. Each piece is part of the larger whole, able to work together to evoke emotion and bring balance and harmony to the home.


Bill Sofield



If you asked us to summarize Bill Sofield’s design ethos in one word, we would say ‘livability.’ A true Modernist, this unique individual as one of the designers of Baker believes that furniture must live as well as it looks in order to be a successful addition to the home. His holistic approach to creation focuses on function. Yet, he infuses his structure’s form with luxurious details that help it achieve its aesthetic peak without compromising on function. This technique allows you to introduce creative tension into the space you are furnishing through furniture, which will help you find the room’s character and show off your client’s personal style without relying on home decor.


Sofield is completely dedicated to his craft. The designer founded Studio Sofield in 1996 and collaborated with Baker first in 2001. Sofield designed a collection that focused on creating bespoke pieces that would improve with use and age until they became a treasured heirloom. He was honored by Interior Design magazine’s “Hall of Fame” in 2004 and received the prestigious Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Interior Design in 2010.


We recommend furniture from this designer to those looking for pieces that are nuanced in shape and restrained in style, able to become one with the room as it ages. You’ll find a number of gorgeous hardwood pieces chests and dressers in our inventory, as well as comfortable compact curve-backed chairs and plush upholstered beds. Browse the collection today to see if a piece of Bill Sofield furniture from his collaboration with Baker is right for the home you are furnishing.


Jacques Garcia



Garcia is a giant in the furniture industry. Jacques Garcia’s talent for interior design was clear from a young age. He began his first major project at only eight years old- designing and furnishing his grandparent’s home to reflect familial love. After completing his education, he started working for contemporary architects, designing breathtaking hotels as well as domestic interiors. After spending decades dedicated to his work, he was given the title of Commander of the Order of the Arts and Letters and a Chevalier in the Order of the Légion D’honneur and commended for his boundary-breaking work in the hospitality industry. Jacques is one of the designers of Baker has truly paved the way for generations to come, proving that dedication and an eye for detail are the best tools a designer can have.


Jacques Garcia Furniture embraces simplicity in his designs. Yet, in his most recent collaboration with Baker, he challenges natural forms with sensual structures while still paying homage to the grandeur of the pieces in design canon. Over the years, his inspirations have changed. No longer is he limited by traditional norms. His success means that his furniture now sees inspiration from Napoleonic extravagance and Zen minimalism within the same piece. Each piece of furniture from this collaboration is expressive and soulful, capturing and reflecting the designer’s own energy and enthusiasm for his work. The neutral palette of this collection means that you can furnish your client’s entire home with pieces from this collaboration while maintaining a cohesive color story.


We recommend furniture by this designer to those looking for furniture with a sense of soul, with unique shapes that will inject personality into your client’s home without overpowering the space. If you are furnishing your client’s living room and need a small functional statement piece, we suggest the le lion stand. The undulating top and a shaped edge add character to the piece, and the paw foot base breathes new life into the traditional three-legged stand. If you are furnishing the dining room, we suggest the Marat upholstered dining chair. With its deeply scalloped profile and a crisp welt, the piece possesses a sense of elite tailoring. It is suitable for both host and side applications, at both round and rectangular dining tables, so no matter what type of atmosphere you are creating, you can be sure that this piece can slip into the scene.


Jean Louis Deniot



Jean is one of the designers of Baker that has a keen architectural eye forged from years of tireless work designing beautiful interiors and breathtaking furniture. The work of Deniot is unmistakable. Over the years, he has become a legend in the industry for his ability to capture the spirit of true beauty in his designs by balancing architectural forms with simple casual structures.


It is only in collaborating with Baker that Jean Louis Deniot is able to bring his complex designs to life. Bakers team of highly skilled artisans make each sketch and render it with as much faith in his original vision as possible in order to create pieces that can bring joy to the designer, the craftsmen who create it, and most importantly- your client. Together Deniot and the Baker team have created a collection inspired by 20th-Century vintage furnishings that reflects the shifting moods at play within any living space through sumptuous textures and tones without taking the livability away from the space.


The style of Deniot’s début collection with Baker can be described in one word- grand. Each piece born from this collaboration is at once serene and sexy, casual yet refined. It is neither coldly minimalist nor lavishly baroque. Deniot’s use of warm antique gold’s on the majority of his pieces means that you can give the room you are furnishing a sense of approachable elegance, making it easy for you to tie together rooms stylistically. The collection is beautifully layered and so very livable while still being eminently versatile- featuring pieces for the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and living room. By placing a piece from this designer in your client’s home, space invites conversation through art, elevating it from a bland room to a welcoming social space.


We recommend Jean Louis Deniot Furniture to you if your client enjoys furniture with sensual curves, geometric symmetry, and items with sumptuous textures and tones. Find mirrors, benches, sofas, shelves, tables, and more in our inventory.


Laura Kirar



Laura Kirar is the founder and creative director of Laura Kirar Design. She is an internationally renowned interior and product designer on a mission to inspire others with art by fostering artistic exploration in all of her creations. Her success in this field is due to her drive for innovation and passion for her craft. After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a degree in sculpture and interior architecture, Kirar worked hard to get the experience she needed to forge a first-rate client base by networking with other industry professionals. When she founded her company, she was able to employ a team that, under her direction, has created elegant, innovative interiors and products for the home, with a timeless sensibility that reflects her deep respect for both history and modernism.


Since 1999, Kirar’s designs have been featured in many top print and web publications including but not limited to Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Interior Design, and The New York Times. So in choosing a piece from this designer’s catalog, you can be sure that your client will be completely satisfied with what they receive. Kirar has the soul of an artist. She takes inspiration from her travels and lets what she has seen influence her art so she can create relaxed and elegant designs that resonate with your client on an emotional level.


Every piece of Baker furniture is made with the user’s needs in mind, and when combined with Kirar’s passion for artistic exploration that has continued to infuse her work with originality and thoughtful attention to detail, this partnership was sure to produce awe-inspiring home furnishings. The eclectic pieces from her collaboration with Baker reveal Kirar’s love of travel and dedication to supporting indigenous crafts. Browse our selection of Laura Kirar Furniture and find everything from a singular chaise to ocean-inspired side chairs to a distinctively beautiful chest.


Thomas Pheasant



Thomas Pheasant is an award-winning interior designer. He has been recognized globally for his interior design prowess and the beauty of his furniture. The furniture he creates radiates a feeling of luxury that could be born only from a mind that has been devoted to the craft from an early age. At only 9 years old, Pheasant redesigned his own bedroom by dying his bedsheets and adding new decor to the space. His parents nurtured his creativity and encouraged him to pursue his dreams.


Pheasant’s dream was realized years later when he founded Thomas Pheasant Studios to design and sell collections of limited edition furniture. His first collection was launched in 2013, exploring the theme of decomposition, looking at nature through intricate design structures. Over the years, his inspirations have changed. Still, his passion remains. His furniture exudes a modern elegance and a calm ambiance that most designers can only dream of achieving.


The artistry of Thomas Pheasant Furniture is remarkable. Whether you are furnishing your client’s bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or living room, you would be doing yourself and your client a disservice by not browsing his collection with Baker. Pheasant believes that inspiration and imitation are not the same. And that you must allow your experiences to be filtered through your own unique sensibility as one of the designers of Baker in order to create pieces that are true reflections of the self rather than a shallow imitation of what came before it. This unique thought process has led to the creation of each piece in his collaboration with Baker. As a Baker designer, he masters the neutral palette and focuses on bringing a contemporary dimension to classic design principles, bridging past and present with beautiful silhouettes and distinctive fabrics. Since this designer has designed pieces for every social zone in the home, you can create a cohesive design story through your client’s home by using furniture from the Thomas Pheasant’s Baker collection.


The Baker Design Team


We would be amiss not to mention the talented designers at Baker, who design the companies own successful product lines. The brand has come a long way from its origins as a humble cabinet shop. Now Baker sets the standard for high-quality, beautiful furniture in the industry.


Baker currently has five collections, each one designed collaboratively. Each piece is based on thousands of hours of research and designed by Baker’s design team to ensure that it represents the brand’s ethos.


We recommend the Lexicon Collection to those seeking warm-toned hardwood pieces inspired by the Modernist movement, the Historic Collection to those trying to recreate a memory of times gone by in their clients home, the Stately Homes Collection to those looking for a large collection of accent pieces to complete a space, the Baker Originals Collection to those looking for pieces made using unique materials, and the Baker Luxe Collection to anyone furnishing a space that needs to exude a sense of sophistication.


Browse our selection of Baker Furniture today. You’ll find our entire collection of Baker Furniture on our website, along with detailed product descriptions about every piece the designers of Baker has made. Search by room, department, and designer to find products individually or use the compare tool to evaluate two pieces to help you find the right piece for your client’s space.


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