10 Luxury Furniture Brands

10 Luxury Furniture Brands

The furniture you choose for your client’s space defines their style, so you must select each piece of furniture with care, examining it for quality, craftsmanship, and character before you commit to a purchase. But when you have to go through this process for every piece of furniture you intend to buy for a home, this can be time-consuming.


Finding a quality luxury furniture brand that produces pieces for every room in the home can cut the length of time this process takes in half. But there are more luxury furniture brands on the market today than one can reasonably keep track of, making this task almost impossible.


At Decor House, our mission is to help our customers find home furnishings, decor, and accessories that will help them make their client’s dream interior a reality. We understand the importance of making the right decision when it comes to selecting furniture for your client’s home. That is why we offer furniture from such a vast selection of brands in hundreds of styles and fabrics that allow you to combine elements of color and comfort to get furniture that is perfect for your client and their family. We have spent the last 37 years refining the brands we offer to ensure that every piece in our collection reflects this mission. Whether you are looking for durable furniture for active children, a luxurious dining chair, or a living room set for family gatherings, you will find furniture by the brands you trust in styles that fit your personality.


We are using our industry knowledge to highlight the 10 luxury furniture brands. Today we explore each brand’s history, their signature style and highlight their most versatile product lines, so you can streamline your design endeavors and find furniture that meets the specific needs of your project with ease.


The quality of furniture can be calculated by summarizing the average durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of a brand’s collections. The luxury furniture brands listed below have been handpicked by us as the best of the best. Each one with a long history of quality. Keep reading to learn more.





Alivar is the first brand on our list. Founded in 1984 in Tuscany, this brand produces contemporary furniture for every room in the home. Those who buy Italian appreciate the innate quality of Italian furniture and the value of purchasing high-quality refined furniture for the home. Each piece possesses a distinctive style, but thanks to the ingenious designers who work hard to curate their collections, there is a consistent theme among all pieces the brand produces, meaning that it couldn’t be easier to furnish your clients’ entire home with Alivar Furniture.


The people at Alivar are aware of evolving technologies and advances in architecture and design. They work with various materials choosing the perfect material on a project by project basis, taking the minutest of details into account to ensure that each of their products can stand the test of time. In doing this, the Alivar team showcases each material’s intrinsic qualities and sets high standards for their competitors.


We are highlighting Alivar today due to the effortless simplicity, comfort, and warmth of the pieces in our collection. Alivar Furniture possesses an understated personality. Any piece in our inventory can successfully set the tone of your room, thanks to the structural intricacy of the brand’s designs. Over the years, Alivar has gotten a reputation for presenting an integral vision. This has resulted in the ability to create interiors that appreciate the overarching approach to contemporary Italian living rather than individual aesthetics. If you are trying to create intimate, sophisticated, and inviting spaces, we recommend buying pieces from this brand.





A list featuring all of the best luxury furniture brands we sell here at Décor House wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Baker Furniture. Despite its humble origins as a cabinet shop, Baker has become one of the world’s most well-respected furniture manufacturers, taking the art of woodworking to astronomical new heights and developing a loyal customer base.


You’ll struggle to find another brand more adept at refined elegance and artisan craftsmanship. The brand’s signature style is defined by collection. Baker partners with luminaries of the design world to produce one-of-a-kind works of art for the home. Each of these highly respected, talented individuals brings a unique approach to design that, when combined with the quality of the brand’s premier craftsmanship, results in truly diverse and relevant product collections. Notable designer collections include the Barbara Barry Collection, perfect for those who want to achieve a serene atmosphere, the Bill Sofield Collection for those who enjoy variety in texture and color, and the Jacques Garcia Collection that is brimming with refined pieces that possess a sense of warmth and luxurious comfort.





This family-owned brand was founded in 1889 in the heart of North Carolina. Over the years, it has grown to become a global leader in furniture manufacturing, and it continues to define the furniture industry today. Now led by its fourth generation, the brand’s furniture is found in homes, offices, hotels, and universities worldwide, but since their catalog features quality furniture designs ranging in style from cottage and traditional to modern and contemporary, you don’t have to worry about your client feeling like their home is not a representation of their personal style when you shop for furniture from this brand.


The signature style of this brand is not easily defined; it is ever-evolving due to Bernhardt’s dedication to innovation. But we included it on this list due to the number of product lines that Bernhardt Furniture has released and the quality of each of the pieces in our collection.


The Bernhardt Interiors collection is a curated whole-home collection of eclectic, customizable, high-design furniture. It is reasonably priced for the quality of furniture your client will receive, and thanks to the collections focused neutral color palette, distinctly modern styling and, thoughtful detailing, any of the pieces from this collection can create an effortless air of sophistication in the home.


Ceccotti Collezioni



Although this brand did not get its start in America, Ceccotti Collezioni earned its place on this list due to the quality of its products. Founded in 1956, the brand has never deviated from its commitment to luxury craftsmanship. The people at Ceccotti Collezioni use techniques common in traditional Tuscan craftsmanship to create ‘products of the author.’ These pieces are complex in their construction without being ostentatious in their industrial geometries and indulging in aesthetic frivolity as the brand’s competitors so often do.


We recommend products from this brand to you if your client enjoys entertaining. The complex shapes, smooth curving lines, and anthropomorphic shapes of Ceccotti Collezioni Furniture will draw the eye of any person that enters the room. You’ll find pieces for every room in the home in our inventory.


Century Furniture



Within the furniture industry, Century Furniture is recognized as a design leader for its expertise in finishing and the fine craftsmanship of its products. Since its founding in 1947, the people at Century have strived to make furniture that brings happiness to both those that purchase it and the craftsmen who build it. Over the years, the brand has become one of the most revered names in the home furnishing industry.


The furniture produced by this brand has the appearance of art, yet each piece has been made with such care that it exudes a sense of livability, comfort, and ease. Century Furniture has a huge line of wooden and upholstered furniture for the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, and home office, as well as occasional collections in traditional, transitional, and contemporary styles. And due to their weight as an industry titan, they have licensed collections with numerous high-end designers, including Thomas O’Brien, Charlotte Moss, and Bunny Williams.


However, it’s the brand’s ability to customize its furniture to your exact specifications that earned it a place on this list. With over 2000 fabrics and over 50 finishes available for furniture with wooden elements, there are no limits as to how you can express yourself with furniture by this brand. We recommend this brand to those with clients with homes that require unique furniture because when you buy Century Furniture, no detail is overlooked. Every measure is taken to ensure that each piece you purchase can meet the needs of the space you are furnishing.


EJ Victor



In 1990, EJ Victor was founded with one express goal- to manufacture premier furniture for the modern home. In 1996 the brand launched its first major designer collection with Carol Hicks Bolton, a collaboration that would skyrocket EJ Victor’s popularity among customers and critics alike. In 2019 the brand unveiled two more collections, the Ryan Korban Collection and the Browne & Moore Collection. Korban merges masculine and feminine identities with the brand’s authentic craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Browne & Moore Collection is defined by its fresh and refined structures that combine to create “Modern Classic” design elements that are instantly at home in almost any environment. With the recent release of the ED Ellen DeGeneres Collection in 2020, the brand now covers all elements of design as this collection offers an inclusive vision of style with modern, traditional, and rustic design aesthetics.


This brand prides itself on the craftsmanship of its devoted employees who have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to building superior furniture for the benefit of its customers. This, combined with the eclectic yet synchronistic design style of its furniture, is what earned EJ Victor its place on this list. We recommend EJ Victor Furniture to you if your client craves a space that is naturally elegant with unique accent pieces to show their personality.






The origins of this brand can be traced to West Africa. In 1960 a group of entrepreneurs and furniture makers came together to create furniture that can set the tone of a space, using only the very best materials and techniques. Today, although we live in a different world, one thing remains the same – this brand’s commitment to designing and building the world’s finest outdoor furniture.


This brand earned its place on our list because, at Decor House, we believe that the beauty of your client’s home should extend to their outdoor area. In using the furniture of Gloster, you can create timelessly beautiful exteriors. Gloster has provided the benchmark for hardwood furniture in the USA. Whether you are looking for pieces with a beautiful buffed sheen or a soft natural finish, you can trust that you’ll find what you’re looking for in our collection of Gloster Furniture. And since Gloster teak is inspected thoroughly to ensure that the quality of your piece endures, any piece you purchase will last for years, meaning you know that you are investing your client’s money well when you shop the collection.





McGuire Furniture launched in 1948. Its mission, to transform natural materials into lasting timeless furniture for the home’s most loved rooms using innovative design principles. This brand is committed to the highest standards of design and hand craftsmanship, and this is what earned it its place on this list.


Like Baker, McGuire’s signature style varies by collection as the brand invites top designers Barbara Barry and Thomas Pheasant to develop furniture for it. However, all product lines have beautiful forms and are made with natural materials, exquisite fabrics, and textures to ensure that all of McGuire’s furniture is contemporary in spirit but reassuring and satisfying as only natural handmade furniture can be.


We recommend any of the pieces in our inventory that have been produced by this brand as every piece of furniture this brand releases has been crafted by highly skilled artisans who bend, stitch and weave every table, chair, and accessory by hand. Whether this means artisans spend hours tying pieces of leather together, afternoons using tension to weave Danish cord around a chair frame or start each morning by casting leaves in concrete, they will do it. This brand is committed to the importance of hand-craftsmanship. They know that these processes cannot be rushed. While scale, proportion, and texture define the design, it is the uniqueness of the brands finishing options and its ability to mix natural materials with complex structures that sets McGuire apart.


Milling Road



In 1957, Baker acquired the Grand Rapids Chair Co. Since the Baker brand was already so successful, the people at Baker began to produce an assortment of simpler, less costly furniture under the Milling Road label to corner the market on budget-friendly home furnishings. In 1990 the brand Milling Road was introduced to the world.


The stylistic goal of Milling Road is to reinterpret design history via their products, discreetly moving forward to explore the delicacy of the invention and examine the cost of innovation. The brand has released many collections over the years to help them accomplish this. The Milling Road Originals Collection explores dynamic new ways to appreciate and enjoy classic, versatile design. The Kara Mann Collection uses rich materials and warm fabrics to create intoxicating pieces of art. The Darryl Carter Collection allowed the designer to use his eye for interior design to create timeless pieces that can slip into any space with ease. We recommend Milling Road Furniture for those that wish to ignite their client’s imagination and celebrate the daring and bold designs of some of the world’s best designers.

Ralph Lauren



Although the name Ralph Lauren is thought of more in relation to fashion, this brand has spent the last 50 years refining the look of classic American furniture. The people at Ralph Lauren take inspiration from both high society living, English nobility, and the classic forms seen in traditional structures. The pieces they create are livable while also being a true work of art for the home.


We recommend the brand’s furniture to anyone furnishing a space that must be rich in materials, demure in styling, and inspirational in character. We carry everything from handsome cabinetry and classic sofas to decorative lighting and accessories to complete the experience. Create a cultured, sophisticated, welcoming aesthetic in any space with Ralph Lauren Home.


We hope this guide listing the luxury furniture brands we carry at Décor House helps you find furniture for your next project. If you think furniture from any of the brands mentioned above would work well in the space you are designing, visit our website today to see everything we have in stock in one place. You’ll find detailed product descriptions about every piece each brand has made along with comprehensive photo reference pictures.


Search by room, department, and designer to find products individually or use the compare tool to evaluate two pieces to help you find the right piece for your client’s space.


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