Change Your Living Room with Allison Paladino Furniture

Change Your Living Room with Allison Paladino Furniture

We know the design of your client’s living room will be dependent on their personal style, the dimensions of the space you are furnishing, and any budget limitations you may have for the project. So finding a brand that has a huge catalog of reasonably priced high-quality furniture is very important.


If you are looking for furniture that has been specifically designed to embody transitional elegance, let our collection of Allison Paladino Furniture inspire you. This designer is known for creating expressive pieces of furniture for the modern home. She blends simple structural details with innovative accents to create provocative works of art. We have selected some key pieces of living room furniture from Paladino’s latest collection to inspire you to design a timeless living space for your client.


Keep reading to discover the beauty of these products and how you can change your living room with Allison Paladino Furniture..


Find True Comfort in the Pepe Sofa


The sofa is the most important piece of furniture in any living room. It is where your client’s family will come to relax at the end of a long hard day out in the world. That means finding the right sofa for the space you are furnishing will be your most difficult task when designing the living room. Luckily Allison Paladino has a huge collection of sofas, each one a high-quality piece that blends contemporary style with classic structures to create comfortable ergonomic pieces that can be enjoyed for years to come.


We are highlighting the Pepe sofa in this article. This piece epitomizes Paladino’s dedication to quality. This sofa would be perfect for your client’s space if they enjoy minimalistic contemporary interiors and want to emulate this look in their home. The Pepe Sofa’s simple silhouette cut with clean lines give this piece a chic air.


The three elite springdown seat cushions are manufactured for comfort. When combined with the three blendown back pillows specifically designed for spinal support, the piece is able to cradle the body gently while you relax, just like your client deserves. This piece comes with four microdown throw pillows in various sizes, both for décor and additional comfort. The natural neutral coloring of this piece means that no matter what décor style you have chosen for your client’s living area, you can be sure that the Pepe Sofa will blend in seamlessly with your vision for the room.


Style and Function Combine in the Jacques Cocktail Table


Tables are important in any room you are furnishing. While most living rooms feature a statement coffee table at their center, we understand that some spaces need more than this. That is why we have chosen the Allison Paladino Jacques Cocktail Table to highlight in this feature. While the classic coffee table is round in shape, the cocktail table is a low square table originally used to serve cocktails, hold books, accessories, and ashtrays. We think this cocktail table instantly adds character to any space it is in, elevating it both in function and style.


A marriage of textiles, the stainless steel frame of this piece is topped by a grey veneer. The frame reflects the organic design Paladino is so well known for. The piece is supported by steel blocks in a cross patterned structure that is able to reflect natural light around the room without overpowering the aesthetics of the piece, thanks to its pairing with the tabletop. The grey veneer inverts the cross patterning, creating subtle visual contrast within the piece. Since the piece is part of Paladino’s collaboration with EJ Victor Furniture- like the other pieces we are featuring on this list, you can trust that its quality reflects the rest of Paladino’s catalog of work and is similarly robust.


While this piece is also available with a bronze frame and a modern walnut tabletop, we think that when combined with the other pieces we are reviewing, the original finish will be just what you need to complete your client’s living space.


Elevate the Space with the Allison Paladino Tiffany Mirror


Within the home, a mirror represents water and the ability to bring harmony to the room by balancing the creation of depth and the distribution of light through the space. So the importance of a quality mirror for your client’s living room cannot be overlooked. This space is so much more than just a social zone. It is somewhere your client will immortalize in photo albums for the next generation to fawn over. So be bold, and push your client out of their comfort zone with this statement mirror by Allison Paladino.


The Tiffany mirror enriches any room it is in. The shapely construction of the mirror will instantly draw the eye of any guests to the piece. The metal frame features gorgeous circular and rectangular outdents to boost the shine around the reflective surface. This piece is available in a standard gold leaf finish with several other finishes available to match the décor of your client’s space. We think the beautiful gold accent of the standard finish would blend seamlessly with the Jacques Cocktail Table’s gold detailing when paired together.


Hang the mirror over a fireplace to soften the light by spreading its reach to the far corners of the room. Hang it by the door to welcome your client into their living room. Or even hang it over the Pepe Sofa and allow it to draw in the sofas comfortable imagery and spread it around the room.


We hope this has inspired you to design the living room of your client’s dreams with Allison Paladino Furniture.


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It couldn’t be easier to achieve the living room of your client’s dreams. Shop the collection today.