How to Design a Luxurious Living Room

How to Design a Luxurious Living Room

The South Florida interior design style exudes luxury and sophistication, and we’re here to help you bring that look to your home! When determining how to design a luxurious living room, it’s important to consider elements that are high-quality and reflective of your personal style.

One common myth about luxury furniture is that it is not ideal for daily life. We believe it’s important to find luxury living room furniture that’s both comfortable and functional for your lifestyle, while still giving your space all the style that it deserves.

The Difference that Luxury Living Room Furniture Makes


In an interview with Furniture Today, Barclay Butera, Interior Designer and CEO of his own luxury furniture brand, said, “There’s no question that the combination of incredible style and comfort undeniably adds up to true luxury.”

When you invest in luxury living room furniture, you’re ensuring premium style, quality, and comfort for your home. Luxury furniture brands often start the trends that will trickle down to other brands, similar to what happens in the fashion industry. By selecting unique luxury living room furniture, you’ll be at the forefront of a new trend in the design world.

In addition to being incredibly stylish, luxury furniture is crafted from the finest materials. This ensures the furniture you select will look great, feel even better, and last for years to come.


Selecting the Best Luxury Living Room Furniture


Now that you know what makes high end living room furniture special, let’s talk about how to design a luxurious living room. When selecting luxury furniture for your living room, there are four main categories we recommend: seating, tables, rugs and decor.


Luxury Living Room Seating


Some of the best pieces to invest in for your living room are luxury sofas, sectionals, and chairs. As you’ll spend most of your time in the living room sitting or lounging, these pieces will likely get the most use in the room.

Look for seating furniture made from high-quality materials, like premium leathers and upholstery fabrics. You should also ensure these pieces have sturdy frames, most likely made from solid wood. Many luxury sofas, sectionals and chairs also feature luxurious finishing touches, like hand-tufting and nailhead trim.


Luxury Living Room Tables


In many luxury living room designs, the accent tables double as works of art. Look for luxury accent tables, cocktail tables, and more that are made from premium solid wood and high-quality metal or glass.


Luxury Rugs and Decor


To complete your luxury living room design, choose a high-quality rug and array of luxury home decor.

Luxury rugs are a great investment, as they are made from the highest quality materials and often hand-knotted. We recommend selecting a rug that complements your furniture and ties together your color scheme.

Similar to rugs, the home decor you choose should help tie together your space and add visual interest to the design.


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