Complement Your Bedroom with Barbara Barry from Baker

Complement Your Bedroom with Barbara Barry from Baker

The bedroom should be a place of tranquility, somewhere your clients can curl up with a good book, watch a movie before bed or just relax after a long day at work. But finding quality pieces of furniture for the bedroom that represent your client's personal style while still offering functional storage solutions for the home can be a challenge.

Achieve timeless beauty, and shop the Barbara Barry Furniture collection by Baker Furniture. Their products are refined in form and blend sophisticated details with livable structures to bring balance to any room. We have selected some key pieces of bedroom furniture from the Barbara Barry collection to inspire you to design the bedroom of your client's dreams. Keep reading to discover furniture that is defined by its elegance and strict attention to detail.


Your Client Will Fall in Love with the Daydream Daybed

When you are designing your client's bedroom, you need to focus on the spatial limitations of the space and work to find items that are both visually complex and multifunctional no matter the room's size. The daybed is an attractive alternative to the classic sofa or armchair. It combines elegant, dynamic structures with the pure luxury and absolute comfort of deep cushioned seats. Significantly smaller than most standard chairs, the daybed encourages free movement within your client's space no matter where it is placed in the room.

The gentle curve of the Daydream Daybed's fully-upholstered body creates a pleasing aesthetic when viewed from the back or the front. The loose, relaxed feather seat cushion has six decorative seams across its length; these small details reveal an appreciation for luxury and welcome comfort into the bedroom. With various finishes available for the Daydream Daybed's mahogany legs and upholstery material, you can work with your client to curate the design to suit their aesthetic. Each option is inspired by the subtle colors and forms of nature, so you can be sure no matter what combination you choose, the daybed your client will receive will blend in perfectly with the rest of the pieces in this list. If you are looking for a piece that will become a part of your client's family history, choose the Daydream Daybed.


Sink into the Warm Embrace of the Panorama Platform Bed- King

Choosing the right bed for your client's space is the most important part of designing any bedroom. Often the largest piece in the room, the bed will act as the interior architecture for the bedroom, and therefore all other pieces of furniture must be bought in relation to it. The Panorama Platform Bed's size means that it feels like it belongs to the space, installing it as the centerpiece of the bedroom. Its curvaceous silhouette is achieved by its fully upholstered headboard that at once evokes a sense of calm and comfort to any room it's in. The headboard features a cushioned bolster to give your client proper spinal support when resting against it while maintaining the dynamism of the bed's aesthetics through the contrast in its shape.

Lined by rails and a simple footboard with a micro-welt at the mahogany base, this bed effortlessly blends natural tones and textures with gorgeous natural upholstery. This piece is also available with an integrated bench at the base; that outlines and adds emphasis to its elegant profile. Truly, this is a piece that will help you achieve quiet luxury within your client's bedroom.


Structurally Intricate, Meet the Kona Chest

A fusion of materials, the Kona Chest is a simple, sleek piece capable of storing all of your client's bedroom necessities. The nightstand is the original sleeper's companion, but as time goes on, we know furniture must adapt to suit the homeowner's needs. That is why the Kona Chest is on our list. The oak drawer fronts and brass hardware in warm bronze effortlessly draw the eye to the brass pulls through contrast. The two deep soft-closing drawers are great if your clients are light sleepers. And since the chest comes with leather inserts to aid organization and it has ample tabletop space for lamps and beverages, your client will never need another piece of furniture at their bedside. Distinctive and thoughtful in design, this piece was made to frame your client's bed and anchor it to the wall.


Elevate the Space with the Kona Double Chest

The artful construction of this chest is unparalleled. The simplicity of line and purity of form – combined with Baker's quality construction, means that this Barbara Barry Kona Double Chest is the perfect blend of sophistication and livability. Its four drawers give your client twice the storage space they would usually receive from a piece of this size within the same footprint. And since these drawers are soft-closing, your client doesn't need to worry about disturbing the calm atmosphere you have created in their bedroom with accidental slams.

We know coordinating the furniture in your client's bedroom is important. A room with furniture in a variety of different styles and colors can look unsightly; you need to avoid this when trying to furnish the bedroom since it is supposed to act as a welcoming retreat away from the rest of the world. The Kona Double Chest is capable of matching the other pieces of furniture in the bedroom perfectly as, like the Kona chest mentioned above, it is available in several wood finishes, all of which complement the brass hardware faultlessly. When you choose this chest along with its smaller counterpart, you will complete the design story of your client's space.

We hope this has inspired you to design the perfect bedroom for your client's home. The pieces on this list would complement any bedroom, but we think they would look amazing together.

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