Designer Profile: Thom Filicia

Designer Profile: Thom Filicia

Thom Filicia is a man of many talents. He is known across the world as an interior designer, author, television personality, and influencer. As one of the most influential figures in the design sphere right now, the pieces brought about through his collaborations with prominent brands are some of the most sought after pieces of furniture in the country. How did Thom Filicia become such a prominent name in the industry? Keep reading to find out what inspires this designer's work.




After graduating from Syracuse University, Thom Filicia put his degree in Fine Art in Interior Design to use. He began his career by working at renowned design firms like Parish-Hadley and Bilhuber & Associates. In 1998, having built up a respectable catalog of designs, he founded his own New York City-based design firm. Thom Filicia, Inc has earned international acclaim thanks to its collaboration with notable celebrity clients and hotel chains across the USA.

While most designers would stop here and let their past successes carry them for the rest of their lives, Thom Filicia kept working. This proved to be one of the most important decisions of his career. He was cast in the Emmy-Award winning TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and became the shows, resident interior designer. The general public fell in love with Filicia’s friendly personality and his ability to completely transform someone’s home. Since then, Thom Filicia has been part of multiple series about interior design, and in each one, he continues to impress the public with his skills and expertise. Thom Filicia is also a celebrated author, having written several novels about interior design in the hope that he can help his readers live better. This designer values his clients and the spaces he is given to create in.



Unlike most designers, who focus on their design's creativity without giving thought to its immediate surroundings, Thom Filicia creates inviting interiors that embody his client's individuality and personal aesthetic. He finds inspiration for his designs in the simplicity of classic pieces but can still introduce fresh modern ideas to structurally standard pieces.




The Thom Filicia Home Collection is this designer's crowning achievement. The collection includes furniture for every room in the home, artwork, bedding, textiles, wall coverings, and many more bespoke pieces that will complete your space. The effortless beauty of the pieces in this collection captures the designer’s goal of creating authentic furniture for the home. This collection sees refined detailing and raw materials used in the same piece, and organic and industrial elements blended together. The creative tension this causes means every piece in this collection makes a statement about the homeowner's personal style. Thom Filicia is and always will be an innovator.

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