Create a Modern Living Room with Darryl Carter Furniture

Create a Modern Living Room with Darryl Carter Furniture

The living room is the first room you see when you enter someone’s home. The furniture and décor that a person chooses for their living room reflects their personality and lets their guests know who they are, where they have been, and what they love. It sets the mood for the rest of the home and decides whether this will be an inviting space for guests or a relaxing place for the homeowners to watch TV together after a long day at work.


If you choose the wrong pieces of furniture for the space, then the living room may feel uninviting, and your client may start to avoid the space and spend all their time at home relaxing in the bedroom.


When you need to consider all of this when you are selecting furniture for your client’s living room, the task can feel overwhelming. Here at Décor House, we want to relieve some of this pressure. We have selected some key pieces of living room furniture from Daryl Carter’s most recent collaboration with Milling Road to inspire you to create the modern living room of your client’s dreams.


Darryl Carter is an internationally sought-after interior decorator based in Washington, D.C. He creates furniture that is regarded as the perfect balance between modern and antique styling. His signature style is often referred to as ‘classically minimalist.’ In partnering with Milling Road, he brings to life some of his more complex designs demonstrating Milling Road’s ability to create fine forms and their prowess in the art of fine furniture-making.


Keep reading to discover three pieces of furniture that show Carter’s talent for design in its purest sense and be inspired to create a modern living space for your client.


The Porter Sectional is Your Seating Solution


The sofa anchors the living room. It is the epicenter of domestic life in the home, somewhere your client will come to at the end of a hard day at work and sit down quietly to watch a movie with their significant other. But sometimes a sofa isn’t big enough to let your client rest comfortably.


Invest in your client’s comfort. Choose the Porter Sectional. This piece is unusually well-scaled when compared to other sectionals in this price bracket. While it is large enough for your client to seat their entire family comfortably, it is not visually overwhelming within the confines of a living room. This is due to the designer’s eye for clean lines. The armrest rises to meet the backrest of the piece minimizing the Porter Sectional visually without compromising on style. Carter creates furniture for the modern home, but he believes that a piece is timeless when it possesses clean lines and is appropriately scaled for the space. This piece resonates with the familiarity of the traditional in spirit and respects the new age of design in its form with the exposed wood climbers on the outer armrest.


Use this piece as a canvas to design the rest of your client’s living room around. The loose welted seat cushions, boxed, topstitched back pillows, and upholstered base are all covered by a neutral fabric, meaning you can incorporate the piece into any living room no matter what kind of design you had envisioned.


Function and Style Become One in the Morse Ottoman


No living room would be complete without an ottoman. This multifunctional piece can be used as a stool, footstool, or as additional seating for your clients when they are entertaining. The Morse Ottoman by Daryl Carter is an exceptional piece that showcases the designer’s distinct and finite style.


While this piece is the ideal companion to the Morse Wingback Chair, we think this piece would pair perfectly with the white upholstery and black detailing of the Porter Sectional. The Morse Ottoman would extend the design of the sectional outward across the room while bringing the two pieces together as a natural extension of one another.


While most ottomans are forced to become a multifunctional item, this piece is designed specifically for your client’s relaxation. Its design is restrained but beautiful. The exposed wooden frame is topped by two padded cushions for added texture and maximum comfort. Carter is known for his dedication to preserving livability in his interiors, and this can be best seen in the dimensions he chose for this piece. The Morse Ottoman can be tucked away under a side table or bench when not in use, giving your clients full use of their floor space when they are not entertaining.


The Webb Buffet Lamp Brings Lighting Design to a New Level


We believe that in order to achieve the right ambiance in your client’s living room, you need to layer lighting in the space. After you have established the ambient or ceiling lighting, the next step is to choose lamps for targeted lighting. We have chosen the Webb Buffet Lamp from this designer’s vast catalog because we think this piece captures the spirited chic emblematic design Carter is known for. Available in steel, with a matte black or white paper shade with a white interior and a silk cord, this piece will elevate any space it appears in. Either of these color options would work wonderfully with the pieces we have mentioned above due to the monochromatic aesthetic we have established.


Place one at either end of the sofa to light your client’s living room in a soft glow. We think this piece outshines its competitors due to the masterful construction of its base that hides the electrical wiring seamlessly.


When all the key elements listed above combine, the space you design for your client will be breathtaking.


Browse our  Darryl Carter Furniture today. You are sure to discover furniture by this designer that meets your client’s needs when you peruse our extensive catalog. You’ll find all of the pieces we mentioned in this article in our inventory, along with their exact dimensions and construction details at our luxury furniture store. So you’ll know exactly what to expect when you buy a piece from us.