Highlight Your Outdoor Area with Bunny Williams Furniture

Highlight Your Outdoor Area with Bunny Williams Furniture

Your client’s outdoor space is a blank canvas, somewhere you’ll have complete creative freedom to design a community space for socializing or an intimate area to retreat to at the end of a long day. Treat your client’s outdoor area as an expansion of their home and choose furniture from a trusted brand to furnish the space with high-quality pieces.


We have selected some key pieces of furniture from Century Furniture’s collaboration with Bunny Williams to inspire you to highlight the natural beauty of your client’s outdoor area. Century Furniture sets the benchmark for fine furniture. The brand only partners with the most innovative and talented designers in the furniture fashion industry, so you know that any of the pieces in their inventory could be relied upon to become the focal point of your client’s outdoor space. While each designer adds their own unique elegance to each piece of furniture they create, no one can beat Bunny Williams’s dedication to innovation. Every one of her pieces take classic structures and reinvents them to bring a new level of quality and sophistication to a seemingly simple piece. You will struggle to find furniture that is more uniquely familiar and classically comfortable than that of this collection.


The pieces we highlight here are capable of being used together to create eclectic and gathered rooms for the outdoors that speak to nature itself. Keep reading to discover how you can improve the design of any outdoor area with high-quality furniture designed by Bunny Williams.


Choose Luxury. Choose the Tidewater Sofa

Every social space needs a sofa, and the outdoor space you are furnishing is no exception. The sofa will act as the focal point of the space, drawing the eye of guests to it from the moment they enter your client’s patio. So choose the Tidewater Sofa by Bunny Williams. Like every piece on this list, it has been masterfully built and finished with the same level of care and dedication a quality indoor sofa would have been. But this piece is engineered to perform beautifully within the outdoor space. It requires minimal routine maintenance to keep it looking its best, but, like the Tidewater Ottoman, it can be left outside full-time, exposed to the elements no matter the weather, and still look as good as new.


This piece is designed with your client’s relaxation in mind. The plush cushions are plump and perfectly fitted to the frame to avoid slipping while you rest, and they regain their composure almost instantly after you leave your seat. If you feel that the cushion fabric doesn’t fit well in the space you are designing, don’t worry. A stylish selection of fabrics, all selected by Bunny Williams to complement her designs, is available to replace the standard fabric at no additional cost. Each one has been woven from 100% solution-dyed, UV stable acrylic fibers that resist fading, deterioration, and mildew. So this means this sofa can last a lifetime with the right care. Invest in quality; choose the Tidewater Sofa by Bunny Williams.


Prioritize Comfort with the Tidewater Chaise

No living area would be complete without a chaise, and the Tidewater Chaise by Bunny Williams will make your client feel like royalty. This piece combines classic structures with modern engineering to create a piece that feels timeless. The plump cushions sit on a handwoven resin base. The piece is constructed using two unique weave patterns featuring a subtle two-tone warm brown colorway called truffle to make the quality of craftsmanship clear to anyone that sees it. The inner frame is made using powder-coated aluminum for maximum durability. It is then affixed to the weaving to add an additional element of visual interest to the piece. Place this piece next to the sofa to create a comfortable social zone in your client’s outdoor space.


Embrace Nature with the Litchfield Planter

Pots and planters are a simple way to highlight your client’s outdoor living space. Embrace the greenery that surrounds you and choose a piece that will elevate rather than overshadow the natural beauty of the space. The Litchfield Planter proves neutrals can still make a statement.


The dark tones of this piece will complement surrounding furniture as well as any kind of plant you chose to put in it. It can house a sweet potato vine, make a flowering plant pop, or be used to successfully grow vegetables if your client is looking to make their home more sustainable. The delicate embossing on each of the planters sides means that even if your client’s plant is still a sapling, there will still be visual flare in their outdoor space.


Fall in Love with the Tidewater Ottoman

If your client has more guests show up to events than they anticipated, cushioned ottomans like the Tidewater Ottoman make for great, makeshift places to sit. This piece has all of the benefits of the Tidewater Sofa and Chaise in a smaller package. It is water-resistant thanks to the Driluxe cushions water-repellent cover that encase the high-resiliency foam core. The cushion is then wrapped with 100% polyester fiber, which is compliant with CAL 117 flame retardant standards. This means you use this piece poolside, by a fire pit, or leave it out in storm season without worrying about it being damaged. Match the cushion fabric color to surrounding pieces or choose a fabric in a complementary color to make this ottoman act as a statement piece for your client’s outdoor area.


We hope this has inspired you to design a beautiful outdoor space for your client’s home using furniture designed by Bunny Williams. If you are interested in buying any of the pieces, we have listed in this article, visit our website today. You’ll find every piece we have mentioned and more in our inventory, along with a detailed description of the piece and its dimensions so you know whether it would fit well in your client’s outdoor space.


Browse our selection of Bunny Williams Furniture today. You are sure to find furniture by this designer that meets your client’s needs when you peruse our extensive catalog.

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