Create an Elegant Living Room with Laura Kirar

Create an Elegant Living Room with Laura Kirar

Designing a home is demanding, especially when the home isn’t yours. Whether you have been hired to furnish your clients new home or to redesign a tired space, sometimes it can be difficult to know just where to start, and since the living room is the heart of the home, it is often the most challenging space when it comes to interior design as you must represent your client’s personality in the pieces you select.


If you have been tasked with creating an elegant living room by your client, then keep reading to discover how to create an elegant living room with Laura Kirar Furniture. This designer is known for the complex artistry of her designs. Kirar views the furniture she designs as interactive pieces. She understands that her clients will interact physically with the pieces she creates, so she attempts to incorporate luxurious materials and details into her furniture to make this experience as pleasant and engaging as possible. Kirar has worked with various brands over the years to get the results she desires. This has led to the creation of several iconic collections, the most notable of which is her collaboration with Baker.


This opportunity allowed this designer to take advantage of the brand’s talented artisans and create furniture that pushes the limits of traditional design structures. We have selected four pieces of furniture from this collaboration to highlight today to inspire you to create an elegant living room in your client’s home.

Let the Arrowhead Credenza into Your Life



While your client may think that a credenza is an item for the dining room, we think this piece could be the perfect storage item for your client’s living room. Behind each door is a spacious compartment able to stow away household clutter of any size thanks to its adjustable shelves. Above this compartment sits a drawer lined with a soft fabric for smaller items like lighters, pens, and magazines. Keeping a tidy home is important, so choose this piece for your client’s space and help them keep their living room clutter-free without sacrificing on style.


This piece showcases Kirar’s ability to think beyond time and place and use her vast design knowledge to create beautiful and functional furniture timeless in its design. Kirar takes inspiration from the world around her, and given her formal training in the art of sculpture, it is no wonder that this exceptional storage piece is so complex in its form. The piece integrates primitive-inspired metalwork in its aged brass hardware. Its shape and arrowhead patterning reference a myriad of design movements. The paneling of the doors brings this piece to the present day, making it perfect for an elegant space.


This is an investment piece. Thanks to the black granite tabletop and the overall quality of its construction, the piece can be passed down through generations to become a well-loved family heirloom.


Add Height to the Space with the Frazier Etagere



The graphic, minimalist design of this piece is breathtaking. While the above Arrowhead Credenza is perfect for storing away things your client would rather keep out of sight, the open shoves of this étagère make the piece perfect for displaying ornaments that can add character to the living room.


A piece in two parts, the brass frame of the upper section meets the lower section to give the piece visual cohesion. The top of the piece is decorated in a walnut veneer, and its four shelves are set with glass to keep the étagère light and give it an airy feel. The two stacked drawers are decorated in walnut veneers finished in American Walnut and fitted with cast brass knobs finished in polished bronze. The knobs are decorated with the collection’s signature warm grey silk tassels for an added element of sophistication. Tiny brass feet complete the piece and help it stand tall as a beacon of class within any space. We feel that two of these étagère’s would complete the room when placed between the Arrowhead Credenza.


Style and Comfort Meet in the Hermano Sofa



In order to create an elegant living room; you need an expansive, comfortable piece that exudes grace in its form. The Hermano references days past while embracing the contemporary. The turned leg of the Hermano Sofa serves as the signature detail of this piece and reflects Kirar’s commitment to luxury design. The finish of the exposed front wooden legs matches that of the arrowhead table perfectly, while the aged brass ferrules match the étagère flawlessly, allowing you to create a cohesive design story through the room using color theory with ease.

The tight back and three comfort knife edge back pillows combine to give your client and any of their guest’s proper spinal support when resting on this piece.


Extend this Beauty with the Hermano Chair



You cannot have enough seating in a living room. The Hermano Chair has all of the design features of the larger Hermano Sofa, yet this piece is significantly smaller, able to slip into tight corners with ease. Elegance is about cohesion, so pair the piece with the above sofa to avoid settling for a gaudy statement chair that would alter the atmosphere of the room significantly.


If you are furnishing a larger space, purchase two of these chairs and place them opposite one another- surrounding the Hermano Sofa to create a chic natural conversation area. Add décor and accent items like ottomans and rugs to the space and let your client enjoy their new living room furnished with Laura Kirar Furniture.


We hope this guide inspires you to furnish your client’s dining room with Laura Kirar Furniture.


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