Dream Living Room with Ellen DeGeneres Furniture

Dream Living Room with Ellen DeGeneres Furniture

As its name implies, the living room is for living. Unlike the dining room, kitchen or bathroom, the living room defines your client’s home and lets guests know more about them as a person through the furniture and decor they have in this space. This means finding high-quality furniture that is able to speak to your client on a personal level is important.


If you are looking for furniture that is timeless yet uniquely livable, let our collection of Ellen DeGeneres Furniture inspire you to create the living room of your client’s dreams. While Ellen DeGeneres is best known as a TV personality and chat show host, she has always valued self-expression through art. With the guidance of the team at EJ Victor Furniture, she was able to create a collection of furniture made using sustainable materials that exude a natural elegance while still being casual enough to become part of the home. Whether your client enjoys modern, traditional, or rustic design aesthetics, you are sure to find a piece of Ellen DeGeneres furniture that they love in our collection.


The fine craftsmanship of EJ Victor’s projects is never clearer than in the brand’s collaboration with DeGeneres. We have selected some key pieces of to make your dream living room with Ellen DeGeneres Furniture to inspire you to design your client’s dream living room.


Keep reading to discover how you can transform your client’s space with Ellen DeGeneres Furniture.


Experience True Comfort in the Wellington Sectional

The seating you select for your client’s living room will impact every aspect of their lives at home. You need to prioritize their comfort without sacrificing on style to create a space they enjoy spending time in. While a sofa may be the obvious choice, the Wellington Sectional is the perfect piece for larger living rooms that require a piece that can command the room. This sectional sofa possesses an inclusive vision of transitional style; its clean-cut back surrounds the piece, dipping into the armrests to elevate the structure beyond that of the average sectional. Designed for premier comfort, the piece is comprised of ED lux seat cushions, back pillows, and microfiber throw pillows to ensure that your client can kick back and really relax when seated on this sectional. The Wellington Sectional is available in various finishes meaning you can match the legs of the piece to your client’s existing furniture to create a cohesive design story in their living room by matching the finish to the Parkdale Chair.


Take Seating to the Next Level with the Parkdale Chair

While your client may think that a living room with a sectional sofa like the Wellington Sectional doesn’t need any other chairs, you know that accent seating is essential in any living space. The Parkdale Chair is a piece that could only be born from a collaboration with DeGeneres and EJ Victor. It is visually complex in its structure, and with its tight seat and low back, it is extremely comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Although it is from another collection, the piece will not look out of place in the room you are designing. Instead, it will provide much needed aesthetic contrast to the room, making it more visually stimulating while adding extra seating space for guests. The piece features the remarkable personal touch of DeGeneres in its nature-inspired color palette while staying true to EJ Victor’s commitment to creating furniture that can be enjoyed for many years to come through transitional design. Truly, this is a piece your client can’t live without.

Be Inspired by the Alston Coffee Table

Ellen’s passion for interior design can be seen most clearly in the Alston Coffee Table. This piece may seem like a standard coffee table at first, but upon closer inspection, you’ll uncover the dulcet details that elevate this piece to the next level. A knotty oak tabletop sits on the coffee table’s hand-forged metal base. Not only can you see the caliber of craftsmanship that goes into making a piece like this, but the markings on this base also brings character to a room in a way that a mass-produced coffee table never could. This in itself is elevated further by the rustic oak finish and distressing of the tabletop. While the level of distressing will vary from piece to piece, you can be sure that your client will receive a coffee table they are satisfied with since it was carefully made by highly skilled artisans talented in their craft.


Complete the Space with the Alvarado Mirror

The living room is so much more than somewhere your client will watch TV. It is a place they will spend evenings, holidays, and sick days lounging around, so you need to make the space as light, open, and welcoming as possible so they can enjoy every second they spend at home. Adding a beautiful mirror to the living room is the perfect way to add dimension to the space, and the Alvarado Mirror by Ellen DeGeneres will blend with the furniture listed above seamlessly.


The red oak frame of this mirror calls to the natural hues in the Parkdale Chair and the tabletop of the Alston Coffee Table. Its size means that it can be placed opposite the Wellington Sectional to balance a room or be placed against a wall to draw the eye up to your chosen light fixture. The mirror itself can reflect the warmth of this light fixture around the room, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests by simply turning on a light.


We hope that this has inspired you to create the living room of your client’s dreams with Ellen DeGeneres Furniture. We think the pieces we have listed above could be used together to create a stunning interior or in isolation, along with other pieces from this designer to create equally striking scenes.


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