Decorate Your Outdoor Living Area with Gloster

Decorate Your Outdoor Living Area with Gloster

If you are looking for a reliable furniture brand that sells quality, durable furniture for your client's outdoor living area, look no further than Gloster Furniture. This brand designs furniture with the ability to add a sense of sleek elegance to any outdoor space. From modular seating to tables, chairs, and lounge items, you’ll find everything you’ll need to furnish your client's outdoor space when you shop this brand.

We have selected our favorite pieces of Gloster Outdoor Furniture to review for you. Read on to discover how you can improve any outdoor space with a piece from this brand, so your client can enjoy outdoor living even after the sun goes down.


Sink into the Gloster Grid End Unit

Every outdoor space needs a quality sofa. And the Gloster Grid Unit is the perfect blend of unique style elements and sturdy materials. your client can curl up in a soft landscape of upholstery and cushions partitioned and protected with water-resistant granite fabric. this means that no matter the weather, your client can leave their sofa outside without having to worry about it being damaged by the elements.

Since the Gloster Grid End Unit is available in both left and right configurations, no matter the shape of the area you are furnishing, you will be able to add in this piece without having to worry about it fitting in your client’s space. Push it against a far wall to create a chic conversational nook, or use it to create a natural division between the space's social area and your client's children’s play area. Truly this piece is perfect for any outdoor space.


Durable. Choose the Gloster Grid Square Coffee Table

A coffee table is essential in any living space. But finding a quality outdoor coffee table can be difficult since most brands do not produce furniture that is durable enough to be used outside all year round. But Gloster is different. The brand signature finish, combined with the quality plantation teak they use on all of their wooden items, means that their furniture is extremely durable. The Gloster Grid Square Coffee Table is no exception to this. The slatted teak top of the piece will immediately draw the eye of your clients and their guests to this coffee table. By extension, the seating area you have established invites them to enjoy this outdoor space together subconsciously.

A coffee table is key to creating a functional social zone in an outdoor living space, but this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on aesthetics. The meteor aluminum frame of the Gloster Grid Square Coffee Table easily creates contrast with the natural wood texture on the tabletop without overpowering the piece. If you are struggling to incorporate visual interest into your client’s outdoor living space, then purchase this coffee table for the space and build your client's aesthetics around it.


Luxury of the Gloster Grid Single Chaise Unit

The Gloster Grid Single Chaise Unit is as elegant as it is comfortable. It perfectly balances subtle, sophisticated details with functional accents like the full end table that runs the length of the piece. If you are furnishing an area that does not have room for a classic end table, this piece is the perfect compromise.

This piece is specially designed to fit with the other pieces on this list to create a cohesive contemporary space that is beautiful all year round. The clean-cut lines create a striking element of contrast with the Gloster Cradle Day Bed, and the natural coloring of the end table matches the Gloster Square Grid Coffee Table's stain perfectly.


Comfort with the Gloster High Back Rocking Chair

Your client shouldn’t have to sacrifice their comfort in the name of style. With a pleasing chorus of symmetrical curves and a natural, neutral palette of colors, the Gloster High Back Rocking Chair is an ergonomic, stylish piece that can be incorporated into any outdoor space seamlessly. The fine whickering of the harvest frame backrest and delicate details of the armrests in this piece elevates the piece effortlessly without disturbing its low-key style.

Since all Gloster wicker furniture is made from high-quality man-made fiber, you can be sure that this piece will give your clients the support they need to sit comfortably for hours while they entertain their guests. Gloster’s all-weather wicker furniture can be left outside all year round and is able to withstand temperatures from -20°C to +55°C without cracking from sharp changes in weather. Like many of the products on this list, the Gloster High Back Rocking Chair is available in a number of color options, so you can match the piece to your client's interior décor style to create a design story that moves through the home to embrace the outdoor space. No matter the size of the space you are furnishing, you need to incorporate this piece into your client's outdoor living area.


Complete your Space with the Gloster Cradle Day Bed

Able to function as a bed, sofa or loveseat, the day bed is a multifunctional piece perfect for any room in the home. But we think the Gloster Cradle Day Bed would be a wonderful addition to your client's outdoor space.

This piece can act as the interior architecture to your client's outdoor space while creating a defined ‘room’ for relaxation with a sense of enclosure and safety thanks to its ovular shape. The slating defies this structure and adds a sense of openness to the piece exposing your client to the elements and the beauty of the night sky. This piece is perfect for those who want to complement rather than control the surrounding aesthetic of their client's space.

The remarkable soft-touch material has many benefits. It is beneficial to the skin, and it makes the padding of the cushions tear-resistant, UV resistant, and weather resistant. This piece also benefits from a side screen for clients who like to have a drink on hand while they sink into the comfort of their new day bed.

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