9 Tips for Designing a Modern Living Room

9 Tips for Designing a Modern Living Room

Modern living rooms are directly connected with minimalism. The idea that ''less is more'' is quite popular in this style because each piece has a purpose, but so has the space. In fact, having most of the room's floor free of obstructions is what modernism is all about.

If you like the modern style, you most likely like a clean room, with a few beautiful pieces and a lot of natural light. That's also why this style is often related to luxury furniture. When less is more, you can invest more in what's really good.

Art and functionality work together as one in a modern living room. After all, luxury furniture is often artsy, but in this style, it should also be purposeful. Every single piece must be functional and adapt to your daily life.

We'll tell you our 9 tips for designing a modern living room because this might be just the right style for you. To find out, though, you need to know how to create it and apply it in your living room.


Open spaces are Modern


Unifying two spaces into one is a common practice when designing a modern living room. The perfect example of that is when you have a dining room and living room and combine them into one big room.

An easy way to do that is by having a similar color scheme in both spaces. This way, they'll seem unified, creating an illusion of space enlargement.


Use Light in your Favor


One of our favorite tips from our 9 tips for designing a modern living room is for you to make use of light. This means making the most of every bit of natural light you get from your windows and doors.

Any connection with the exterior and with nature is a valuable element of a modern living room. You'll have a space that looks bright, airy, filled with nature and good vibes. We, humans, are, after all, drawn to light and this is one of the most important aspects to feeling good at home.

You can achieve this by merging the outdoors with the indoors. Use large glass windows, sliding glass doors, and even glass walls as high as your ceiling.


Go Luxury


A modern living room is a perfect opportunity to choose luxury furniture. After all, this will be a minimalistic space, which means you only need two or three major pieces.

Ideally, those will all be functional, comfortable, and high-end. Also, since you're opting for luxurious furniture, you can go bold in your choices.

This is your opportunity to play with different textures, materials, and even shapes. Just keep in mind you can be bold but should still be minimalistic. Straight, geometric lines and few to no ornaments are the way to go if you want to create a modern living room.


Connect with Nature


The modern style gets inspiration from nature. Certain elements such as wood, stone, metal, and bamboo are all-time favorites.

It's also a great idea to include raw natural elements in your living room, such as plants and flowers. Bringing the outdoors inside is part of being modern, and a great way to feel connected with nature.

This will create a feeling of coziness in your space, making it look welcoming and balanced.

Use Furniture with Storage


As an extension of the modern style's idea of minimalism, all pieces should be practical. To keep a space minimalistic, you must have built-in storage to hide away anything that shouldn't be visible.

Also, certain elements can look decorative but only when displayed the right way. That's the case with books, which need a proper bookshelf to create a clean look.

Opt for functional pieces, to ensure you can take the best of them. TV units with drawers, a sofa with built-in storage, an ottoman with hidden storage space. These are all elements that will help you keep your living room neat and tidy.


Metal & Glass = Modern


Metallic finishes and glassed surfaces are a true synonym of modern. Since these pieces reflect light and color, they give an idea of space enlargement.

You can create this look by using steel mirror frames, pendant lights, glass or metal tables, doorknobs, and even accent tables. The lack of color in these elements can actually create a more vibrant space. Glass reflects light and so does metal. The modern style is all about openness, light, and simplicity. You can easily achieve that with these two elements.


Be Minimalistic with Decoration


''Minimalism'' is a word we mention often in our 9 tips for designing a modern living room and it's not by chance. In fact, being modern is being elegant, and elegance is all about having just the right amount of anything.

In this case, just the right amount of decoration is what you're looking for. Less is more, once again, and space is all.

This is the right time to buy that artistic piece you've been dreaming about. A large painting of abstract modern art. A single wall displaying smaller paintings. Medium-sized art pieces strategically displayed in different parts of your living room. Balance is the key, so all you need is a few unique pieces to decorate your space.


Add Texture to your living room


A modern living room can't be flat in design. To create a composed look, you need textures.

Think of this space as an element of your life that evokes your senses. It's all about what you see and what you feel. The way to achieve this is by mixing different textures, such as soft velvets with leathers. Also, you can use metals with natural linens nearby.

Tactile fabrics are the way to go because they add interest to your living room. Just remember that balance is still a paramount factor. As such, if you invest a lot in different textures, keep it minimal with colors.


The room's size matters


Look at the size of your living room before jumping in to buy different furniture and decorations. After all, if you want it modern, you can't overcrowd it.

If you have a smaller living room, choose a neutral color palette for your walls, such as white or beige tones. Also, try to keep your essential furniture in up to three pieces. Finally, make use of textures moderately. If one piece is very textured, the other one needs to be softer.

If, on the other hand, you have a large living room, your creative freedom is bigger, but so is the challenge. After all, when there's a lot of space, you might feel tempted to buy more pieces, making the room look too cluttered. Just keep in mind less is always more and appreciate the natural beauty of an empty room.

If none of our 9 tips for designing a modern living room tips helped you create the modern living room of your dreams, don't stress yourself. Décor House is here to help you with that. You can count on us, from start to finish, in choosing the right furniture for you!