Different Ways To Decorate With Armoires

Different Ways To Decorate With Armoires

For hundreds of years, armoires were a must-have in every home. With the arrival of the built-in closet, they became a less popular option for storage, as they were no longer essential for housing longer garments. However, this captivating furniture classic deserves a place of prominence in every home. These simple tips can help you design and decorate with armoires for truly stunning results.

Placing Armoires

An armoire is an excellent addition to any room or location in your home because it is not only practical but also adds much-needed height to the furniture layout of the space. This piece of furniture can draw the eyes upward and turn an ordinary spot into a true focal point. Place armoires on larger walls to fill up blank space and position them in a spot that's useful for you. If you're storing frequently used items, make sure the armoire is easy to access. Entryways, luxury dining rooms, and luxury bedrooms are always excellent choices.

Armoires don't always need plenty of space to fit in. If you have a floor-to-ceiling niche in your home, a perfectly sized armoire could be just the finishing touch you need to make a room complete. Whether your home is spacious or cozy, there's room for this versatile cabinet.

Styling Armoires

By their very size and design, these gorgeous pieces are a work of art on their own. From true antiques to furniture with a modern flair, the styling options are limitless. Make them the center of attention by choosing a color that contrasts with your walls.

To add a personal touch, choose a flat-topped option and decorate with a small selection of large items, limiting groupings to three or five. Framed prints, potted houseplants, or large jars and vases work beautifully. If you have a large or unique item that deserves a special place of prominence, atop an armoire is the perfect solution.

Decorating with Armoires

Decorating Around Armoires

While this tall cabinet is certainly enough on its own, grouping it strategically with other furniture pieces and decor is another option to give your space a cohesive vibe. Choose something with a contrasting shape or height; a plush bench or short bookshelf can be the perfect partner.

You can place larger prints or paintings above armoires in homes with tall ceilings. Otherwise, artwork can work well next to the furniture, which helps to anchor the armoire in your home. Place a runner or rug nearby to add softness and texture while completing the look.

Finding the Best Armoires

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