Why Should I Buy Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Why Should I Buy Luxury Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor space of a property can be just as stylish and elegant as the indoor space with the right pieces of furniture. When you are looking for furniture for your client’s outdoor space, it can be tempting to select a few pieces that are not of a high quality along with your luxury picks, especially if you are working with a specific budget.


However, quality is important, especially when it comes to outdoor furniture.


Whether you are trying to convince your client to invest in their home and trust the luxury selections you have made, or you need to remind yourself of the value of luxury outdoor furniture, we have you covered.


At Decor House, we only carry pieces made by brands we trust to produce high-quality, stylish, durable furniture for your client’s space. We have spent the last 38 years working closely with designer brands to give our clientele access to furniture of the highest quality. In this time, we have come to understand the importance of buying truly luxurious pieces of outdoor furniture over low-quality knock-offs, and we want to share our perspective with you. That’s why we have put together this guide.


So why should I buy luxury outdoor furniture?


Keep reading to have this question answered…


You’ll Get The Designer Look


The most appealing part of choosing luxury outdoor furniture over cheap pieces is that you know that you will receive a piece for your client’s home that looks stunning.


This is very important for anyone buying furniture, but it is critical for those shopping for someone else as most people buy outdoor furniture based entirely on the aesthetic appeal of the piece. So in buying outdoor furniture that has sleek and artistic designs, you know that your clients will be satisfied with how you are spending their money.


In choosing designer luxury pieces, you are also supporting the artisans that create them and funding future projects to help keep the industry alive. Every piece of designer furniture you buy supports the designer, giving them the ability to push more boundaries and be creative in their work. This has led to the creation of a range of outdoor furniture that is youthful and expressive. Pieces that can speak to the soul of the shopper and help them express themselves through the furniture that you choose for their home.


Luxury Comes in All Shapes and Sizes



When you are willing to pay more for outdoor furniture, they will have better options in both quality and designs.


When you are shopping for luxury furniture, you can be sure that you’ll find a piece that meets the exact needs of your client’s space. And if you can’t, you’ll be able to work with a brand to alter one of their existing pieces accordingly. This is usually not the case if you were to buy a piece from a non-designer brand as they only produce ‘standard pieces’ since they cannot accommodate the specific needs of hundreds of interior designers every day.


This is vital if you are furnishing an outdoor space that is an odd shape or one that is excessively large or uncomfortably small, as it is likely that you won’t be able to find standard furniture that complements it. So encourage your client to let you select luxury pieces of furniture for their outdoor space and explain to them that luxury outdoor furniture is the best way for them to achieve their dream patio.


It Is The Only Way to Get Unique Pieces of Outdoor Furniture


If your client values their individuality and wants their home to have a unique original look, they need luxury outdoor furniture. While some outdoor furniture pieces from a cheap mainstream store may look remarkable in a showroom or on the pages of a catalog, your client may be disappointed if they find out that each of their friends has the same dining chairs, ottomans, and sofas as they do. When a space is full of furniture that has been mass-produced, it is to be expected that your client’s friends and family will have similar pieces.


This unfortunate truth is particularly relevant to the best-selling ‘must-have’ pieces that have become popular as if overnight. Luckily, the majority of luxury outdoor furniture pieces are produced on a small scale. This means that it is unlikely that any one of your clients knows will own it too, and if they do, they will know exactly how much your client spent on the piece showing them how much they value their comfort. Truly, there are no downsides to investing in luxury furniture.


It’s Better Value For Money


We know that you understand beauty. Interior design is an art, and you curate the look of a space with as much care as an artist takes when painting a portrait. But an artist needs the right tools to create a beautiful scene, and you need luxury furniture to create a gorgeous outdoor space.


Even the untrained eye can spot the difference between cheap furniture and a luxury piece of outdoor furniture. Luxury furniture is made by craftsmen who understand the art of furniture creation and have access to premium materials to ensure that the pieces they create are a representation of their brand’s dedication to quality. While low-quality pieces can achieve a similar look when they copy pieces from designer brands, they can never achieve the same level of quality as they do not use the same materials.


In selecting a luxury piece, you ensure that the furniture that arrives at your client’s home is robust, durable, and incredibly resistant to wear and tear as structural longevity is literally built into them. This is especially important for furniture for patios and outdoor spaces since it will likely be left outside year-round. If you choose a piece that is not well made, then it will need to be replaced within only a couple of years, meaning you would have wasted your client’s money. So encourage your client to invest in their home. It could save them thousands in the long run.


We suggest choosing outdoor furniture made out of aluminum, cast aluminum, wrought aluminum, wood, stainless steel, wicker (woven), or wrought iron. These are the materials most resistant to weather damage. However, keep in mind that if you choose a piece made of wood, it will need to be refinished every two years to preserve the protective finish and color of the wood. And that while wrought iron outdoor furniture is extremely durable, it’s also incredibly heavy, which can make it difficult to move around, so it should be placed in one location and not moved again. Although these details may seem minor, you must tell your client this information before they make their purchase to make sure they can care for their piece properly after you leave their employment and that they aren’t disappointed by the piece they receive. If you fail to do this, they may form a poor opinion of luxury furniture, which can damage their ability to shop in the future.


Design Longevity



Since luxury brands take their time to find and partner with the right designers, select the right materials, and find the right craftsmen, it takes a long time for a luxury brand to produce luxury outdoor furniture. While you may think this is a negative, it is actually a good thing as it means that these brands rarely fall into trend traps. Instead, they focus on creating pieces that are timelessly stylish which will still be fashionable in ten or fifteen years while building on lasting trends to keep their collections current. Therefore, when asked by your client ‘why should I buy luxury outdoor furniture?’ you can answer confidently that if they buy a quality piece now, it may be the last piece of outdoor furniture they ever need to buy.


Luxury Outdoor Furniture Retains its Value


Resale trends are growing rapidly. And you can show these figures to your client if they are unsure of their investment. It will show them that even if they choose to sell the outdoor furniture you selected for them, they could expect a strong return on their investment because luxury furniture retains its value over time.


However, you must also explain that less expensive furniture may only get them pennies on the dollar in return and that resale techniques only work well if you are selling quality furniture.


It Increases The Value of the Property


Your client’s outdoor space is an extension of their home, and in selecting pieces of luxury outdoor furniture over low-quality pieces, you can turn a boring space into an outdoor oasis that’s just as charming as the interiors you will create for their home. This will increase the value of their property if they were planning on selling it in the future, meaning not only will they benefit from the comfort of their furniture while they have it, it will also benefit them financially in the future since luxury furniture adds value to the space.


If your client opts to fill their outdoor space with inexpensive pieces, not only will this mean that they will likely have to replace the pieces you choose for them, they would also have to remove these pieces in the event that they were to sell their home as anyone purchasing a luxury property would usually view low-quality pieces of outdoor furniture as a burden and ask them to be removed if they were to buy the home. The removal process can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you have to sell the pieces after the fact.


This is just one of many reasons why we always tell our customers to avoid cheap furniture when they ask, ‘why should I buy luxury outdoor furniture?'


Luxury Furniture Is Better for Your Health



There have been numerous studies over the years by health specialists that have shown that there is a connection between having luxury furniture in your home and better health. This connection is largely due to the fact that luxury furniture is made ergonomically with your body in mind. Designers of luxury outdoor furniture take special care to consider how the use of the furniture they create impacts your body because they want their creations to have a positive impact on their lives as this is good for their reputation as a designer.


While their motives may be selfish, it is beneficial to the health of your client. This is because any piece of furniture used regularly for a significant amount of time—like an outdoor dining chair— will have an impact on your health. If, for example, an outdoor dining chair cannot provide proper spinal support, this can cause back, neck, and hip pain due to poor circulation. Therefore so if you know that your client is planning to spend any length of time outside using a specific piece of furniture, you must have them invest in a piece that has been constructed properly.


If they balk at the price, remind them that doctor visits cost much more than luxury furniture and encourage them to invest in quality luxury pieces from the beginning to avoid developing a health condition in the first place.


Achieve A Better Quality of Life


Only in investing in luxury furniture can your client improve their quality of life. Luxury furniture promises supreme comfort. While manufacturers of low-quality outdoor furniture may claim that their furniture is comfortable, no one that has experienced true luxury would ever go back to a poorly made piece if given a choice.


This is because luxury furniture provides long-lasting comfort and bodily support, and this feeling of comfort will improve your client’s mental attitude every time they use the piece. A difficult situation is made a little bit easier when you can approach it from a place of comfort.


What Designer Pieces Do I Need?


Now that you understand why choosing luxury outdoor furniture for your client’s space is so important, and you have the information you need to convince them to invest in their space, we want to share our picks for the most important pieces of outdoor furniture to invest their money in.


While you can add any number of outdoor furniture pieces to an outdoor space, you should first have a discussion with your clients so you can understand what they need from their outdoor space.


Ask them how they plan to spend their time outside, how they currently spend their time inside, and how they want to link these two activities. You will usually come to one of three solutions.


A Living Space


Creating an outdoor living space gives your client an extra area for relaxation. You should try to furnish this space with soft, comfortable pieces of furniture to make the space so inviting that your client will choose to spend their time outside rather than in the living room.


No outdoor living space would be complete without a nice comfortable sofa for those evenings your clients just wants to spend some time with friends and family around the fireplace. Add arm chairs to create a conversation nook and place side tables at the end of each seat to give people somewhere to put down drinks. Make the outdoor area feel more like the living room using an outdoor rug.


A Dining Space


An outdoor dining space can make your client feel like the perfect host. Purchase a spacious dining table for the space and surround it with seats. If your client wants to create a formal dining area outside, then choose dining chairs over benches and line the dining table with armless chairs on the sides, and place two armed chairs at each end. If your client already has a formal dining room inside their home, then take this opportunity to create a casual space outside by replacing dining chairs with a bench. Or use a pedestal table with armless chairs to get a similar, abet more intimate effect.

An Entertainment Space


If your client can’t decide what function they want their outdoor space to have, this can make finding the right luxury furniture difficult. But you can blend functions together to create a welcoming entertainment space.


This space should include a stylish sofa that offers enough seating space for guests, a coffee or cocktail table large enough to act as a makeshift dining table, accent tables to inject visual interest into the space, and sleek umbrellas or parasols to shield them from the sun during the summer.


You should also purchase two laid-back chaises that your client can lounge on while they nurse their morning coffee or have private conversations with their significant other. Chaises can be placed in numerous positions. They can be used anywhere in the outdoor space, meaning they are perfect for those that cannot settle on a function.


The Best Time to Buy High-End Outdoor Furniture



When you are trusted with your client’s money, you need to try to make the most of it so they receive the best furniture possible. If you don’t, then they may not fully appreciate the work you are doing for them and start to resent the furniture you chose for them due to the high cost.


Like any industry, the furniture industry goes through measured sales periods each year, and while luxury outdoor furniture can be bought at any time of the year, there are certain months you have a better chance of getting a good deal.


Since outdoor furniture becomes more desirable during the warm summer months, the best time of year to buy luxury outdoor furniture is during the months of August, September, and October, according to Nerdwallet. Prices fall in the fall because most stores take this time to clear out all of their summer items in order to make way for the fall inventory. This means the majority of the outdoor furniture you’ll find in store and online during this time will be on sale.


Prices begin to fall in August. By the end of the month, you can expect most pieces of outdoor furniture to be around 20% off from their advertised price in June and July. But the longer you wait, the lower the prices will fall. By October, you may be able to find outdoor furniture at sales of 60-75% off, which can save your client a substantial amount of money.


However, you should keep in mind that the furniture available in stores during these months will only be what did not sell during the summer months. This means that your options will be slimmer, and you may have difficulty finding the perfect luxury piece for your client’s outdoor space.


We understand that you often don’t get to choose which projects you’re working on at any given time during the year. If you do find yourself looking for luxury furniture for your client’s outdoor space in the summer months, then you can still get a discount. Outdoor furniture is usually discounted on July 4th to celebrate Independence Day. If you buy furniture for your clients on this day or alert them of this deal, you will find that most stores still offer sizable selections of luxury outdoor furniture for you to choose from.


It couldn’t be more important to have your clients invest in quality, so encourage them to do so.


We hope this guide has answered the question ‘So why should I buy luxury outdoor furniture?’ by showing you just how important it is to buy luxury outdoor furniture for your client. We hope that by sharing our perspective, you will be able to better explain how luxury furniture can improve your client’s lives.


If you are looking for outdoor furniture in Miami, look no further. You’ll find our entire collection of outdoor furniture on our website, along with detailed product descriptions of every piece we have to help you find a piece that is right for your client’s home. Also free to come visit our furniture store to see first hand what we have to offer.