Modernize Your Living Room with Jean Louis Deniot Furniture

Modernize Your Living Room with Jean Louis Deniot Furniture

The living room is for the family. It is where your client will spend most of their time at home bonding with their loved ones, making memories, and enjoying their time away from work. But if a space feels outdated, your client may begin to avoid it, which can have disastrous consequences on their family life. This is where you come in. But we know modernizing a living room can be challenging. That’s why we have selected some key pieces of furniture from Jean Lois Deniot’s latest collaboration with Baker to inspire you to design a new modern interior and refresh this important space.


This designer has had a storied career. He has designed a vast array of interiors, from houses in the Hamptons to a palace in New Delhi. These experiences have given him a keen architectural eye, which he has put to good use in his debut collection for Baker Furniture. Baker and Deniot are a perfect match. Deniot’s timeless spirit informs his creations. He curates his interiors by balancing architectural forms with casual structures, and in collaborating with Baker, he is able to bring his complex designs to life thanks to their ability to create the finest furnishings in the industry. Together they have created a collection that is beautifully modern, one that reflects the shifting moods at play within any living space through sumptuous textures and tones without taking the livability away from the space.


Read on to discover how you can modernize your client’s living room with Deniot’s unique, high-quality furniture.


Settle into the Celestite Sofa



Modernizing any space comes with its own challenges. While your client may think they want a sleek new interior, they may find themselves missing the comfort of old forms and their old space. Since the sofa is often the largest piece of furniture in the room, it draws the eye of anyone who enters, so we have chosen Deniot’s Celestite Sofa to ease the transition from the old world to the new. This piece is a joyous meeting of eras. The Celestite Sofa’s design is heavily inspired by twentieth-century vintage furnishings, meaning although it is modern, it can still bring character to the room in the same way a more traditional piece would.


This piece is designed for your client’s comfort. It is fitted with one plush Baker comfort bench seat cushion and lined with five of Baker’s knife-edge comfort plush throw pillows in various sizes to provide maximum comfort. The tight back gives the piece an interesting silhouette while providing proper ergonomic support for your client.


A marriage of textiles, this piece is supported by an exposed maple frame that compliments the texture of the upholstery wonderfully. With custom upholstery available, you can work with your client to choose a fabric that suits the interior of their living room perfectly. There are over seven hundred fabric options in various textures and colors from Baker’s catalog to choose from and forty-one specialty fabrics from Deniot’s collection. Invest in quality. Choose the Celestite sofa when modernizing your client’s space.


Seat Guests in Style with the Celestite Lounge Chair



Jean-Louis Deniot’s aesthetic is pitched towards an approachable elegance, and nowhere is this clearer than in the Celestite Lounge Chair. Like the Celestite Sofa described above, this piece is at once serene and sexy, yet still casual enough to belong to a social living space.


As your client’s age, their family will get larger, so modernizing your client’s living room is the perfect opportunity to add more seating to the space. The Celestite Lounge Chair is extremely comfortable. It utilizes Baker’s comfort back pad and seat cushion to give those seated proper support. Thanks to its size, you can add two or more chairs to a room without it feeling overly crowded. It is visually neutral, superbly functional, highly nuanced in its design, and with the standard black mink finish and oil rubbed bronze ferrules, it is sure to modernize any living space. Match the upholstery to that of the Celestite Sofa and create a cohesive design story through your client’s space.


True Elegance, Meet the Georgian Sconce



You cannot overlook the importance of lighting in the living room. We believe that lighting should be layered through your client’s living room to create a comfortable, relaxing ambiance. The Georgian Sconce’s refined elegance will provide task lighting over the seating area without compromising on aesthetics.


Just because you are modernizing your space doesn’t mean you need to remove every call back to the old world. Choosing a piece that is highly meaningful and represents your client’s past adds more character to the room than populating every table with gratuitous decorative lamps. The sconce has a hand-hammered brass backplate that captures and reflects the light from a single candle cup set behind a sheer glass panel.


Enjoy the Serine Ambiance Created by the Lur Floor Lamp



While a wall sconce can provide targeted lighting for activities like reading or sewing, a floor lamp can be used for three types of lighting, ambient lighting to curate the mood of the room, accent lighting to highlight a unique piece of art, or as task lighting for bigger projects.


The cast bronze floor lamp is finished in satin bronze and topped by a handmade white silk translucent shade. Minimalist in its design, it still draws the eye thanks to its height and the incredibly complex hand-tooling and fabrication required to execute its sculptural form.


A Conversation of Composition, Meet the Viridine Accent Table



Every living room needs table space to be functional. But when you are modernizing a space, this is your chance to push your client in a bold new direction with their accent items. Be bold; choose the Viridine Accent Table. This piece is eminently versatile, beautifully layered in its design, and so very livable. The inset clear glass top is easy to clean and maintain, and the piece is available in various finishes to match your vision of your client’s space perfectly. So why settle for less? Choose luxury and shop the Viridine Accent Table for your client’s space.


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