New Pieces for the Bedroom from Bill Sofield Furniture

New Pieces for the Bedroom from Bill Sofield Furniture

In order to wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day, your client needs to have a bedroom that they feel at ease in. This means you need to search for high-quality furniture for their space that is both subtly stylish and extremely comfortable while keeping in mind that the pieces you choose must be functional ‘get ready’ items to help your client along on their morning routine.


We know that creating a bedroom that feels like a place of tranquility can be difficult when you have all of this to consider. And this task is made even harder now that so many designers are collaborating with brands to create low-budget, low-quality collections of uninspired furniture just to turn a profit.


Here at Décor House, we celebrate quality. We only carry pieces by brands we trust to produce refined pieces that speak to elegance in their design. That’s why we carry a huge selection of Bill Sofield’s Furniture. His furniture is a product of his respect for traditional forms and understanding of conceptual design. Every piece he produces expresses sensuality through nuance and restraint. We have selected some pieces from Bill Sofield’s latest collaboration with Baker Furniture to inspire you to design the bedroom of your client’s dreams.


Keep reading and discover new releases by this designer that are able to enhance the natural beauty of your setting.


Sink into the Comfort of the Gracie Upholstered Queen Bed


Choosing the right bed for your client’s space is the most important part of furnishing their bedroom. If you choose a piece that doesn’t meet the aesthetic needs of the room, then the space will never feel complete, and your client will struggle to truly relax.

Give your client the gift of better sleep. Choose the Gracie Upholstered Queen Bed. Its curvaceous silhouette is lined with upholstery to ensure your client can be as comfortable as possible when climbing into bed. If they enjoy staying up late reading but find that their current headboard doesn’t give proper spinal support when sitting against it, the padded headboard of this piece will be a welcome change to their nightly routine.


The Gracie Upholstered Queen Bed feels like it belongs to the room. It can be placed against any wall to great effect, thanks to its masterful design. Although the bed acts as the visual focal point in any bedroom naturally, the size of this piece means that it will anchor itself visually to the space naturally. This is helped by its stunning design. It is handmade using a sustainable cherry wood which is exposed below the upholstery line to add visual interest to the piece without losing its warm cozy feeling. Truly this piece has it all.


Practical Structures and Designer Details Meet in the Papillion Chest

Creating storage space should be your priority when furnishing any room. But since your client’s mind is already full of the day’s clutter, keeping their bedroom organized is key to creating a calming environment. So you need to prioritize finding chic storage items for the bedroom.


This sophisticated piece will elevate the look of any bedroom. Your client can stow away their bedtime essentials in the Papillion Chest’s two deep, spacious drawers and access them quickly and easily if they should need them during the night thanks to the easy-grip pulls finished in oil rubbed bronze. The drawers are finished in American walnut veneers, the chest sides are finished in deep, glossy Basalt lacquer, and the frame itself is crafted from walnut solids meaning this piece is durable enough to last a lifetime with the right care. The dark stain of the piece matches the exposed wood of the Gracie Upholstered Bed seamlessly, but since this piece rests on a metal base and sleek metal tapered legs finished in oil rubbed bronze, it will add visual intrigue to the space through contrast, meaning you can add complexity to the space you are furnishing in one simple purchase.


Thanks to the piece’s size, it can be used as a nightstand. Its recessed, smoky black mirrored glass top is surrounded by an inverted gallery, meaning it is perfect to set down jewelry and mobile phones on at the end of the night without worrying about it falling off.


Light the Way with the Statuette Floor Lamp

You need to layer lighting in the bedroom in order to create the right atmosphere within the space. To do this correctly, you need to begin with ambient lighting, and while natural light is always the best option, we understand that every bedroom doesn’t receive enough natural light throughout the day to allow you to perform general tasks like folding clothes and making the bed properly. In terms of artificial lighting apparatus, there is no better way to achieve proper ambient lighting than with the Statuette Floor Lamp.


This piece is elegance incarnate. An understated yet sensual graceful line defines this piece. The gold accents of the center pipe glow when the lamp is on, with a soft illumination radiating from its sand cotton shade to light the room. It is sized to an intimate degree, able to slip quietly into place within any space.


Signature Lounge Chair

Chairs belong in the bedroom. It gives your client somewhere comfortable to sit while they go through their morning routine and creates a secondary social space within your home without negating the need for a living room. The delicate ribbed arms curve to meet the upholstered back of this piece, lining the chair with warm dark wood, which would complement the pieces we have mentioned previously flawlessly.


With the addition of gold or silver leafing on these arms, the piece calls to the Statuette Floor Lamp, tying these pieces together visually. This exquisite upholstery and deep seat float over two round tapered legs and two strong saber legs for maximum support.


Browse our selection of Bill Sofield Furniture today. You are sure to find furniture by this designer that meets your client’s needs when you peruse our extensive catalog.


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