Update Your Dining Room with Jacques Garcia Furniture

Update Your Dining Room with Jacques Garcia Furniture

The dining room is for the family. Historically, the dining room has been a secluded area; somewhere, your client can have focused intimate conversations with the people they love, celebrate anniversaries, and enjoy delicious meals with their partner. But in the modern age, the dining room must adapt to your client’s changing lifestyle, and this can make designing your client’s dining room difficult.


Here at Decor House, we have over thirty years of experience working with brands to curate our showrooms. Today we are sharing our secrets to designing the perfect dining room. We have selected some key pieces of dining room furniture from Jacques Garcia’s most recent collaboration with Baker to rouse your creativity and encourage you to design a chic modern dining room for your client.


In a word, Garcia’s design style is opalescent. His designs embrace simplicity in their shape and color yet challenge traditional norms with the addition of unconventional yet sensual elements. In partnering with Baker, he has used the talent of their artisans to push his creative mind further. Each piece we mention today is expressive and soulful, capturing and reflecting the designer’s own energy and enthusiasm for the art of furniture making. Keep reading to discover how you can update the design of your client’s dining room with pieces from this designer’s catalog.


Elevate the Space with the Katoucha Center Dining Table



Whether your client’s dining room is a social space or a formal area to host dinner parties, a dining table is an essential piece of furniture. While Jacques Garcia has designed many dining tables for various aesthetic purposes, we have selected the Katoucha Center Dining Table for this dining room update. This piece, like the other pieces in the Katoucha collection, is an expression of life. The Katoucha pays homage to the late French model, writer, and activist Katoucha Niane, who passed away in 2008. As with Katoucha herself, this piece possesses a small footprint yet is imbued with elegance in its form.


The Katoucha Center Dining Table is a celebration of the circle. The round edges work well in smaller dining rooms since they fit in tight spots and have no sharp corners to bump into. Thoughtfully designed, its curved pedestal base means the piece can accommodate more guests than a simple circular table since a pedestal base gives diners more legroom. This piece is well suited for dining arrangements where there are fewer than six people seated, meaning your client can share intimate meals with their partner or host a get-together with close friends with ease.


Aesthetically, the designer details of this piece are matchless. It is the perfect replacement for a worn hardwood table, thanks to its intricate base design. The horizontal texture that lines the base is a scratchwork pattern from jewelry. It rises with the pedestal base to meet the glass top and conjures artistic sculptural imagery in its purposeful imperfections. This patterning comes as standard on this piece, along with a detachable lazy susan that makes sharing dishes among diners a breeze. Garcia always has the livability of his pieces in mind while designing his furniture, which is why this piece features a glass top that reduces both the formality and the maintenance needed to keep this piece looking its best. This piece is a conversation-starting work of art that would make a beautiful addition to anyone’s home.


Seat Guests in Style with the Marat Upholstered Dining Chair



The dining chair should be visually unique yet complementary to the dining chair you select for your client’s room. We have chosen to highlight the Marat Upholstered Dining Chair in this article because we believe it would update your space and blend seamlessly with the Katoucha Center Dining Table, thanks to its curved forms and deeply scalloped profile. This piece is singularly fashionable, possessing a look that is suitable for both host and side applications. But we think where these chairs truly shine is when they are circling a round dining table.


Garcia’s style is very unique; he gathers inspiration from the most varied sources. This piece is heavily inspired by the klismos of the Ancient Greeks, seen clearly by the tapered outcurved legs, with delicate flutes converging to the bottom. Each leg features an incised square capital on both sides to add to the air of sophistication that surrounds the piece.


With custom upholstery available, this piece can be modified to suit the aesthetic needs of your client’s dining room. The crisp welt sewn into the backrest of the piece gives the Marat a sense of elite tailoring, and with the indent so visible, there is an opportunity for a combination fabric during the modification process.


Choose Elegance. Meet the Vetro Chandelier



Lighting controls the atmosphere of the room, so invest in quality and choose the Vetro Chandelier. Not only is the Vetro Chandelier strikingly beautiful, but it is also a conversation starter. This piece has been carefully handcrafted using Murano glass. Each piece of glass used in this pieces creation is from a small island in the lagoon of Venice, where the art of glassmaking has been passed down for more than one-thousand years. So you know that the piece you receive has been created with great care. Your client can regale their guests with the chandeliers journey over drinks while they wait for their meal to be served, and then gaze up at its eighty-six gray elements that form a dramatic dovetail shape in wonder.


Update the Dining Room with the Constellation Mirror



Mirrors belong in the dining room. A mirror adds depth instantly to any room by manipulating light and shadow to create a dramatic effect. But the dining room is where it can shine. The Constellation Mirror is a shimmering example of Garcia’s dedication to creativity. Antiqued mirrored discs surround a round convex mirror. Each disc varies in size giving the piece a handmade feel despite its chic appearance. The discs are woven onto extending gold threads to create a starburst pattern that, when lit by a light fixture- like the Vetro Chandelier, will mesmerize anyone that walks into your client’s dining room with its beauty. This piece will captivate guests and can be used as a stylish alternative to salon-style wall art to give the room you are furnishing implicit character.


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