Which Way Should My Sectional Face

Which Way Should My Sectional Face

The sectional is the most versatile type of sofa. It presents numerous advantages in making your life easier and more pleasant at home. Buying a sectional is a clever decision for many reasons.

However, it's important to choose the right one for your living room to ensure it fits perfectly. The sectional is usually customizable in length and shape. As such, you'll need to analyze your room's layout prior to making any decisions.

It's advisable to prioritize the sectional over any other type of <a href="https://www.decorhousefurniture.com">furniture</a>. After all, this will be the largest piece of your living room.

If you're fully refurbishing it, start with the sectional. This is especially important because most living rooms have unusual layouts. That means you'll have to find out for yourself where your sectional lies best.

In home décor, there's a rule that says to always have your sectional facing your living room's focal point. However, when there's no defining focal point, it becomes more difficult to decide. In such cases, you might need the help of a professional. Alternatively, you can see our helpful tips in this article. We'll tell you the answer to ''Which way should my sectional face?''.


Define one focal point


When looking at your living room, you'll want to see a clear space with just the right amount of furniture. Ideally, no piece will overshadow the remaining ones. At least not in such a way it completely steals the spotlight.

That's why it's important to arrange furniture in a balanced way and spread it around the living room. A good rule of thumb is to never place more than two major pieces in the same area. For example, if you buy an L-shaped sectional - such as the Baker Barbara Barry Surround Sectional - don't place a large shelf and a large chest too close to it.

You may have more than one focal point in your living room, especially if it's a large one. In fact, it's best to define several focal points according to its purpose rather than mixing it all together.

However, it's also important to understand how to bring visual balance to the room. You can do that by placing smaller pieces next to a larger one. For example, with a large sectional on one side of your room, you can then place two lounge chairs across the room. This way, you balance out the weight of the sectional.


Measure the available space


The sectional you've always dreamed about might not be exactly the best fit for your living room. That's why it's so important to measure the space and analyze all possible layouts.

Since the sectional will occupy a large portion of your room's floor, you need to find the best spot to place it. After all, this will indicate exactly how large of a sectional you can have and define which shape to choose.

While it's true sectionals are highly versatile and allow plenty of combinations, it's also true they occupy a lot of space. As such, always consider the traffic flow of your living room. That means your sectional shouldn't obstruct the way or make people step around items.

Check if you have a couple of feet between the sectional and any coffee table or side table. Most importantly, ensure there's free flow from one side of the room to the other.


Let your sectional shine


One of the most common decisions is to place sectionals and any type of sofas against a wall. While this is a safe choice for many reasons, it removes the opportunity to go unique in your home décor.

If space allows you, try and place your sectional away from the wall. There are plenty of suggestions that give you a creative answer to ''Which way should my sectional face?''.

All you need to do is understand where exactly away from the wall would your sectional look best. It can make a whole lot of difference in how open your living room will look.

We've gathered some suggestions of the best places to place your sectional. After all, if you're looking for one of our luxury sectionals you'll want to give that piece a place to shine.

Our suggestions of placement:


Right in the middle of the living room

If you have a large living room with plenty of natural light, place your sectional right in the middle of it. This won't steal any free flow because you'll create free flow space on each side of the sectional.

This is a great suggestion for living rooms with a luxury sectional. After all, it will immediately become the star of the room.


In front of a window


If you find a sectional with a low back, check if it would fit perfectly in front of your window. It can't block direct sunlight, so leave a 10 to 12 inches space between the sofa and the window.

This can work perfectly if you want to maximize space as much as possible. It all comes down to your window's shape. If space allows, this can be a great way to place your sectional.


Facing your fireplace


If you have a beautiful, adorned fireplace, make it the focal point of your living room. There's no better feeling than the one you get from long conversations in front of your fireplace. Especially during winter time this is directly associated with coziness and comfort.

You may even place your TV on top of the fireplace to enhance even more this focal point of your room.


Facing another Sofa


One of the most elegant ways to place a sectional in a large living room, is by facing it with another sofa. The idea of visual balance this creates is second to none.

You can either place a large sectional with an equally large sofa, or with two or three lounge chairs.


Across from your window


If you have a large window with lots of direct sunlight, place your sectional across it. You'll have a beautiful view to look at, which will remind you of a living painted canvas.

If you're afraid there might be too much sun exposure when seating on your sectional, make use of large curtains. Especially if you place a TV in front of your sectional, as this may obstruct the screen's visibility.

Now that you know the answer to 'Which way should my sectional face?' you can start looking for the sectional of your dreams. Find it here, at Décor House, in our exclusive selection of Luxury Sectionals!