Where is Century Furniture Manufactured

Where is Century Furniture Manufactured

Century Furniture is one of the most reputable furniture companies in the whole US. Upper-end pieces that enhance any home are the specialty of this brand. Its quality is well justified by a number of different factors. When put together, these are a true synonym of excellence that endures.

Recognized as a design leader, Century Furniture is not only a manufacturer. In fact, this is a company that invests in magnifying premium raw materials. With the help of expert artisans, they then turn them into true pieces of art.

With such undeniable quality, it's only natural for one to wonder: ''Where is Century Furniture Manufactured?''. There's no real secret here, as transparency is one of this brand's mottos. American-born and American-made. Century Furniture is one of the last high-end furniture brands based 100% in the US.

To understand the success behind a brand, it's important to know what makes it so reliable. With Century Furniture, several reasons justify its continuous rise. Find out why we trust it so deeply.


A passion of a Lifetime


Since its start in 1947, Century Furniture always tried to be the best furniture company in the world. An ambitious goal that, today, is not far from reality.

Their focus has always been to create finely crafted luxury furniture. The type that can last for a lifetime. Incomparable designs, undeniable quality, and excellent customer service. These were the three key elements that led Century Furniture to success.

Century Furniture is the perfect blend between consistency and adaptability to change. Always with an eye on tradition and the other in the future. It's a case to say that the designs created by this brand give true meaning to the definition of timeless.

Other than that, this is a family-owned business. The genuine care that only this type of business presents is well visible with Century Furniture. It's located in the renowned industrial area of Hickory, North Carolina. That, for itself, speaks greatly of its quality. Moreover, this is a brand with over nine hundred associates.

Every single person working at Century Furniture is way more than just an employee. In fact, they're all taken care of with genuine attention. In exchange, they all show true commitment and dedication in everything they do. That's visible in the uniquely crafted pieces made by Century. After all, these are 100% created by the hands and expertise of dedicated artisans.

Passion is what defines Century Furniture, and when that exists, furniture becomes art.


Furniture that has you in mind


One of the best ways to identify a premium brand is to know if it offers customizable options. If it does, that's a direct sign of high-end quality.

Not all brands can afford the extra work and investment that customization demands. It's easier to adhere to mass production and create a set of pieces and collections that all look the same.

That's the exact opposite of Century Furniture, though. With this brand, you can customize every single piece to match your taste and preferences.

You can choose from over 2000 fabrics, leathers, and trims. Also, you have at your disposal more than 50 finishes. Additionally, you have the last word on every single step of the process. From the frame construction to the finishes, including any extras and accessories.

The options are, truly, endless. The best part is that they genuinely care for your full satisfaction. As such, if none of these options is the solution for you, they're open to suggestions and requests.

Knowing ''Where is Century Furniture Manufactured?'' is important. Especially because it explains why they can offer so many options. After all, they create and produce their products within the same country, so it's easier to assess every step from start to finish. This is what this brand does best and is also one of the reasons that made them keep their base in US ground.


Expertise that builds trust


Century Furniture counts with the dedication of expert artisans and craftsmen. These valuable workers are essential elements of the team. Especially because they make every piece by hand. From start to finish.

The attention to detail and the quality assurance this brand provides are second to none. That's visible in the end result, but also in the beliefs of its founder. Harley F. Shuford, Sr., once said: "We strive to make furniture of such impeccable quality that it brings joy not only to the people who own it but also to the craftsmen who build it."

The commitment of this brand extends to every person who works there. If you want to understand ''Where is Century Furniture Manufactured?'' know it is made by proud Americans, on American soil. That's how they've become so trustworthy. After all, everything can be closely controlled and rapidly changed if needed.

With the rise of cheaper foreign production, one would think they would join the trend. However, being premium is knowing that quality comes with a price, and this brand knows it well. By reducing costs in their expert team, they'd be putting at risk the whole purpose of the business.

As such, Century Furniture is an exemplary case of success because it stood firm in times of crisis. Above all, because it understood its employees are essential to make the business run.


Quality that endures


Buying furniture from Century Furniture is truly making a long-term investment. After all, the pieces built by this brand are so unique they have the ability to gain value over time.

When quality is assured, that's visible in a new product, but mostly, over the years. Pieces manufactured by Century Furniture always look as good as new. No matter how much time has passed.

If you're thinking of investing in a piece built by this brand, don't think twice. Knowing that the answer to ''Where is Century Furniture Manufactured?'' is: right here, in the US - might help you decide. If not, the fact that every piece is hand-crafted might do. However, if none of this is a game-changer for you, there's one thing we know will make a difference. It's the fact they bring quality and personalization to all of their creations. This happens because they truly love what they do.

You might not know Century Furniture that well or understand the hype about it. The good news is that we carry a vast selection of furniture from this brand at Décor House. The best part is that we have exclusive prices just for you. Pieces that make this great investment unmissable. Find it with us - and let your home fall in love with it.