What We Love About Milling Road Furniture

What We Love About Milling Road Furniture

For nearly 130 years, Baker Furniture has been providing homeowners and interior designers with stunning, bold pieces for hearth and home. In September 2019, the brand reintroduced one of their most favored collections with the revitalized launch of Milling Road Furniture.

Below, we’ll review the launch, plus the top reasons we’re absolutely loving the collection. We’ll also discuss where to buy Milling Road Furniture if you’d like to peruse their selection for yourself.


All About Milling Road Furniture


The Milling Road collection is an ambitious relaunch for famed brand Baker Furniture. It features more than 50 pieces, all of which find inspiration from famed architectural styles the world over. Everything from Greek columns to Asian designs are visible in the line.

According to Baker Furniture’s vice president, the goal was to meld modern creativity with classical styles. This offers a brand-new take on old favorites.

Stunning Furniture at Affordable Prices


Notably, Milling Road is an affordable spinoff from Baker Furniture's primary brand. Today, with its recent relaunch, we can see a clear definition and expression of what Milling Road embodies.

Two highly-skilled and creative designers, Darryl Carter and Kara Mann, have collaborated to breathe new life into the collection. The company itself has called Milling Road its “most modern and livable furniture collection to date.”


Five New Finishes


Smooth, textured bronze enhances the look of new pieces in the Milling Road line. You can see this interpretation in the introduction of five new finishes: Twilight, Moonlight, Ancient Gilt, Daybreak, Evening.

Of course, all of the older, tried and true finishes from both Milling Road (15 options) and Baker (20 options) are available as well.

The Inspiration of Nature


Many of the new pieces introduced in the Milling Road Collection found inspiration in nature. These feature romantic silhouettes, perfect for any area of the home — from living and dining rooms to bedrooms and more.

Materials range from bronze (see finishes above) to oak and marble. Pieces are versatile enough to suit sophisticated and casual spaces alike, depending on the surrounding décor and mood of the home. The goal was to take seasoned designs and to update them for modern spaces and relaxed living.


Where to Buy Milling Road Furniture


Looking for where to buy Milling Road Furniture? Those who would like to take a look at this delightful new line from Baker can peruse the 52-piece collection at Decor House Furniture.

Decor House Furniture is proud to offer Milling Road Furniture in our Coral Gables, Florida showroom. Stop by our location on the 3rd floor of Ferguson to take a look, or check out our Milling Road furniture selection online.

Complete the home of your dreams! Our in-house designers would be happy to help you find just the pieces you’re looking for.