Milling Road Furniture

Is Baker Furniture Still In Business?

Yes! Baker Furniture is a thriving company making waves in the industry. But the brand has gone through some changes over the years that has led customers to believe that it is no longer in business. Kohler Co acquired Baker Furniture three decades ago. At this time, Kohler Interiors became an amalgamation of Baker Furniture, Milling Road Furniture, and McGuire Furniture. In 2017, Baker Furniture was sold to a Chinese firm (Samson Holding Ltd.) for $35 million.


But Baker Furniture and its subsidiary Milling Road Furniture is and always will be at the heart of its local community. The sale included Baker’s warehouse and distribution center and the brand's 750,000-square-foot case goods plant in Hildebran. This plant employs around 200 workers who work hard to make sure that every piece of furniture you receive lives up to the brand's reputation of quality.


Since the sale, Milling Road Furniture and McGuire have continued to operate out of offices in North Carolina while also building showrooms in North America, Britain, and France to allow them to accommodate the number of orders they receive each day. Baker furniture is still in business, and we think it will still be selling high-quality pieces of furniture for a long time.

Why Is Baker Furniture So Expensive?

The answer is simple. The brand strives to be at the forefront of design so they can meet their customers’ needs directly. If you need a piece in a specific stain, they will do their best to help you match it to one of their many stains. If you need a particular side table to match a coffee table but have no idea how to find a quality piece, you can filter through designer collections until you find a piece you love, and since there are so many, you don’t have to worry about settling for a piece you don’t love. If you need to furnish your entire home quickly, then you can select a collection and trust that every piece in it will complement each other while still being visually interesting.


To do this, they need to pay their staff fairly, so they need to price their furniture to reflect the value of the materials and the labor that went into manufacturing it. Still, the people at Baker Furniture want everyone to find furniture that they love in their price range. They understand that, although their furniture is reasonably priced, it can be seen as expensive. So they are taking steps to make luxury furniture more accessible for those with lower incomes. Milling Road Furniture is their solution. Milling Road Furniture is a subset of Baker Furniture, its products are of a high quality, but the price reflects a modest budget. They are able to lower the cost by using similar style models and less expensive materials.


Milling Road Furniture explores Baker's legacy of quality by reinterpreting its past designs to incorporate a more casual style. This is the perfect alternative to the formal look as after research, the designers at Baker found that the people that shop for Milling Road Furniture are drawn to pieces in a less formal look.


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